Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its Ok!

Its Ok Thursdays

Yes almost Friday!!!! 

Its Ok....

-That I had a couple slip-ups this week...I'm convinced men make my brain stop working...
-That I am mostly back on track and staying away now
-To have not read any of the chapter I have homework due for tonight
-That I skipped doing homework to go to a Bulls game, and have dinner & a movie w/the girls 
-To be very excited to go out with all my closest friends tomorrow night
-That next week this time I will be in Florida enjoying warmer weather(sorry to rub it in)
-To have spent a whole lot of time reading blogs this week
-That my slow weight loss has resulted in my sexy jeans not fitting right but my skinny jeans are still too tight(actually this is NOT OK)
-That The Boy and I may have finally figured out we can not be friends at this time 
-To hope that K feels better asap! 
- That I have already started picking out things to design the future place I don't have yet 
-That every time I see the numbers in my savings my mind does a calculation of how many vacations I could go on with it

That's all for now folks! 
What's Ok with you today?! 


Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with putting off homework to go have fun instead! Life is short, after all =]

Micah said...

Sometimes it's hard to realize when you can't be friends with someone ... for at least a short period of time. But it helps you get your focus back. And who knows what can happen down the road?

Boys make my brain turn to mush too. Sigh.

And, I'm totally in the same phase with my jeans. So close and yet so far.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, florida sounds fun - enjoy!

Alyssa said...

I've actually forced myself into my "skinny jeans" before haha! I could hardly breathe all day but I looked great in them!

Laura said...

Lucky! Have fun in Florida!

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