Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Well Ladies the Bulls game last night was lots of fun! I don't know if it was actually a date or if it was just a friend asking a girl to a game because he still had the tickets. Either way I had a good time and I am definitely glad I went with him. G gave me some random facts that I should say so that I can appear to know a thing about basketball...they worked, even though he knew I had just read the text to before I said it! Slick...I am not.

Now it is Wednesday so lets get to pinning! 


for obvious reasons....
Source: via Annie on Pinterest

1. I need to make this whole outfit happen ASAP! 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

2. I can't help but love this...

3. Story of my life...
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

4. My two favorites...they are the devil...
Source: via Adam on Pinterest

5. Pretty similar to the next tattoo I want.....

6. My favorite colors...home dreams :) 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

7. Words to live by....
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

8. The last just because I have to! 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

What are you Pinning today?! 
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SimplyHeather said...

Great pins!! I love the girl scout cookie pin and totally agree. They are the devil. Idk what the ones were renamed to but back when I was a girl scout they were called caramel delights and they are so fricken amazing!!!

Bethany said...

Number 3 is exactly the same why I feel haha :) And who can resist a picture of Jake? Hottie!

Miranda said...

LOVE those girl scout cookies! and my husband loves the son has the cutest Bulls t-shirt from Old Navy!

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