Monday, March 5, 2012

Ooh Monday!

I was planning to do a photo dump thingy from my cell phone and show you guys my attempt at Photo a day for March but instead I'd rather show you how funtastic my Saturday night was. First some random info...

-I started Hunger Games and subsequently was up until 3am Friday night reading the first 2 books and spent most of my Saturday in bed reading the 3rd. I absolutely loved them and can't wait for the movie coming out! I was definitely missing out!! 

-I did make it out for A's bday Saturday even w/my body feeling yucky. We had a great time and got home at 5am...we didn't get any sleep and were up again around 9. I then went to my parents and hung out. I don't have a clue how I did this every weekend for the last few years because I swear to all that is good I am still hungover  today! BTW If you are in Chicago you should check out Angels & Kings, its a great time! 

OOk so here is my Saturday night! 
me & the bday girl! 

My girlies! 
My besties :) 

This isn't even the whole group! 
I just me the girl on the left but she was sweet! 
My coworker & a friend of his
Isn't he just a cutie! 
I don't even want to imagine what he was saying
I spent all night pulling up that dress 
Yup...I hope this was around 3am
In my own little world...
my iphone pic! 

Sooo yea it was an amazing night! Another big Happy Birthday love to my bestie, I am so glad I got to spend another bday with her! 

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Lauren said...

Looks like such a fun time, love your dress!

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