Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

I know I'm a day late but I rarely find time to blog or even check out blogs on Mondays. 

Friday night's dinner with the girls was a great time! I wish I had taken a picture but one of the girls did with her camera so eventually it will make its way to this here blog. We had dinner at Carnivale and the food there is soooo yummy! It was the first time I could get all 6 of us in one place together since November. I missed my girls so much :) 

Coconut Mojito= amazeballs! 
Saturday I called up The Boy and had him help me in my quest for a vehicle. I didn't really plan to get a car, I was hoping to wait a few more days till I got paid again so that I would have just a little more to work with. Alas I did find a car and guess what your girl is riding around in now? 

yep! That's my new(old) sexy beast! haha I love it! It was a great deal and I was so excited to find a beetle! 
We got some Puerto Rican food and then checked out the movie 21 Jump Street! 

HILARIOUS! no seriously, you need to go and watch this movie. I was snorting with laughter for a lot of the movie. 

Sunday I got up early to go see my family and my bestie A run the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. It was much warmer than I anticipated but I am glad it wasn't cold and rainy. I wish I had been running it as planned but since I have been sick over and over again for the last month or so I had no time to train and I would be kidding myself if I thought I could run almost 5 miles after not running for over a month. 

I also got to see Hunger Games with my siblings on Sunday! Yay!!! 
I loved it! Love loved it! I know there were somethings that were changed and some parts left out but I suppose the movie would have been way too long if they tried to fit everything. I cried like a little girl and was so annoyed at the people that clapped when the last person was killed. I mean really?! They obviously missed the idea of who the real bad guy is. If you haven't seen it, please do! and if you didn't like it or want to talk about it let me know! I don't want to put too much and ruin it for anyone. 

That pretty much sums up my weekend! I have so much going on this week! Starting my 3rd class, moving out of my apartment and into my parents, and I have my first interview tonight. EeekkK!!!! 


Lauren said...

Congrats on the new car so cute! I loved the Hunger Games too sooo good! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...jam packed weekend. Congrats on the new car...V DUBS are awesome!! I have a GTI and I love it...I had a jetta before it!

I am still on the fence about actually seeing the Hunger Games...I am totally someone who gets annoyed when movies are different than books I mean I know they SHOULD be but ... I just have issues...I guess...lol

Happy Tuesday!!

♥ Shia

Woody said...

Wow, no one clapped during the last death at my showing, but I probably would have laughed at them clapping. I agree though, it was really good!

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