Thursday, April 5, 2012

Currently/Its Ok!

I'm mixing it up today. Usually Its Ok Thursday takes today's spot but for today I wanted to do two link-ups! 

I've seen this link up before but its my first time participating! 


Current Book(s)
Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson & textbooks

Current playlist: (my first 4 songs)
Eric Church-Like Jesus Does
Cady Groves-This Little Girl
Adele-Set Fire to the Rain
Fort Minor-Remember the Name 

Current Color: 
Turquoise...its my spring color that I am going to wear like crazy! 

Current food: 

Current Favorite Show(s): 

Current Needs: 
junk food...eating better is not as fun as eating crap 

Current Triumphs: 
Getting through yoga last night..I've been slacking badly and it was great to finally get myself there and enjoy the class

Current banes of my existence:
my commute...someone please save me. ridiculous 1 1/2-2 hrs in the morning and again in the evening. 

Current Celebrity Crush: 
This is impossible to pick one but after this weekends performance I have been daydreaming about this man
Luke Bryan

Current #1 blessing: 
my family is truly my blessing lately. They support me as I flop back and forth between where to move and what to do with my life and are so helpful :) 

Current Indulgence: 
I love Cadbury creme eggs! 

Current Outfit: 

Current Excitement: 
playing with my nephew 

Current mood: 
I am in a pretty good mood..don't have much going on 

Current Favorite quote or verse: 

Current wish list item: 

Current favorite product: 
I am super paranoid about moisturizing and this lotion is amazing! Doesn't leave my face greasy and doesn't make me break out. 


Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok! 

-To be so exhausted you just want to sleep all weekend
-To wish it was Friday already so you can begin said sleepfest
-That you are hoping like hell that the Summer camp in China calls you back
-To not like driving even though I took a 3 year break from it
-To need to go shopping for some spring stuff ASAP
-To be doing so well keeping track of my food & workouts but know that I will have a piece of cake today 
-To miss The Boy and be excited to see him this weekend
-To not like being so so sore! 
-To have almost a week off in May and have no clue what to do 
-To hate reading my textbook for this class but actually get excited that it taught me something new 

That's all I have for now! 
Whats Ok with you this week? 


Lauren said...

Love those teal wedges & of course Cadbury creme eggs yum :-)

P!nky said...

Have a piece of cake, it's okay!


Asha said...

I'm loving teal this season too and OMG love your outfit! It's casual but very cute :)

oh and yes please to the Cadbury, ha!

J and A said...

Love your quote and that watch!! Isn't being an Aunt the best!! :)

Jennifer said...

I can't believe that awful commute you have! That's horrible :(
I do agree with you about the junk food but now that I'm on Advocare products I just don't crave the junk anymore. Sad but true

Thanks for linking up!

Monica said...

Love the outfit!!! Don't worry if it's meant for you to go to China they WILL call!! You are very blessed to have your family backing you up either way!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Ashlee Miller said...

Humus to go!?!?!? Where do you get that? OMG I want now.

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