Friday, April 27, 2012

Its Friday!!!

Yay!!! so glad it is finally here!!! 

Let me tell you guys this week has been a bunch of ridiculous! I officially hate driving again, not only did I experience insane amounts of traffic making me late 4 out 5 days this week I also scratched my poor little beetle up pretty bad coming of the bank drive thru. 

BUT I have been able to listen to some great songs and this happens to be my favorite song this week

Luke Bryan...oh the things I would do to him...if I wasn't in a happily committed relationship of course...but even so if I could get a hallpass for that I would take it without a second thought! 

There are so many great country artists and concerts in Chicago this summer and I will not be able to catch any of them. That part makes me a bit sad! 

In other very not so exciting news my suitcase and travelers backpack have come in the mail! 

Suitcase-bigger than this pic shows
My backpack :) 

I am seeing The Boy this weekend...probably having wings w/G and going shopping with A for prom dresses this weekend! Did I tell you guys about that yet?? One of our friends is a big fan of themed birthdays and so this year there will be a prom! 
G& I are in charge of making the backdrop! Here is the description from the FB fun! 

Good times! I can't the meantime I need to find something ridiculous to wear since I went all out for my real prom I want to have some fun with this. I am thinking I may thrift until I find a good 80's style prom dress! Any suggestions are appreciated :) 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! 


THAT chick! said...

Just showing your blog some love! Have a great weekend!

sophistifunk said...

i loooove luke bryan! i'm seeing him in concert in a few months and CANNOT wait:)

Asha said...

Love the prom theme! And I totally get excited over luggage too...because it means you actually have places to go! :)

JP Choudhary said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I am JEALOUS ! Luke's performed in Spring Break in Hartford and he always puts on an amazing show! Just snagged some front row Luke bryan tickets when he comes here this summer...really like his music, but haven't followed him much, hoping he puts on a good show!

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