Friday, April 20, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Monica over at Life as I Know It nominated me for this award! I was very excited to see! Its great to find new blogs and I quickly became a fan of hers, plus we share the same name so, of course, I am a fan! 

1. Choose Five up and coming blogs to give the Liebster award to(blogs must have less than 200 followers)
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award y linking back to them
3. Post the award on your blog
4. List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they received the award
5. Share 5 random facts about yourself

Random Facts: 
1. Sea/Ocean creatures terrify me(sounds ridiculous but beaches are for tanning and wetting your feet to me) 

2. It has taken me years to figure out what career path I want and even now I have moments where I have no clue

3. I am only funny when I don't mean to be

4. I love sweets and when I do try to give them up I can get very very cranky

5. I'm slightly addicted to romance novels...ok very very addicted but who isn't?! 

Ok so here are the people I will nominate! 

Micah @ Unabashedly Me
Victoria @ Mine to Live...with Faith, love & coffee
Kristina @ Pretty Rambles

You should definitely check out there blogs! They are some of my absolute faves to follow along! 


Victoria said...

nice list,it seems like a lot of ocean/sea creatures are scary to me too :)

thanks for the birthday wishes! and wow,for the blog award!!

have a lovely weekend!

Cherie said...

I love your new layout!! I don't know how new it is because I have kind of been MIA from the blogging world lately.. but I love it. :)

I also have a crazy addiction to sweets.. especially chocolate!

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