Monday, April 16, 2012

Ooh Monday....

Hello! Hello! Hello!! 
Unfortunately it's Monday...fortunately I am in a great mood and ready to share with you all! Let's see what I want to get in here...ooh yes...
 You know its a #firstworldproblem when you have too many job offers in a country halfway across the world and you can't decide which one to take. yes I did just use a hashtag in my post...

I love my family & friends. No seriously I know I say this a lot but I love them. They are being so supportive about this adventure I am planning and I can not wait to share this with them! 

I was a bad bloggy girl last week so I have two weekends worth of crappy iphone photos to share with you! 

I promise to not drive you guys insane with my prepping for China business though that may be a small lie

I am finally writing my first guest post for Ms. Kristina over at Pretty Rambles and I am very excited about it

I had a fantastical weekend with The Boy and my friends and we may be planning a big ass Prom themed birthday party for should be amazeballs! 

Ook so here are some photos from weekend before last...yea I think..maybe! haha 

The besties & baby mama 
Me & Redhead sporting our nerdy girl looks

Nephew getting ready for the Bunny Rock
The Boy being a spectator! 
Me & Mrs.M after the Bunny Rock 

Mrs. M & I kept a pretty good pace for the run but we had to keep slowing down for our other family members. Still did pretty good considering she is still in recovery and I hadn't run in almost 2 months! 

This weekend's love: 

Yay for April's Birchbox arrival! 

Saturday's rainy day BBQ 
Mango Margaritas!! 

watching Hockey
Trying on old prom dresses in prep! 

My favorite part of spring/summer & fall 

Overall it was a good one! What did you do this weekend?? 


KG said...

I don't have a prom dress...btw

Shia said...

Congrats on the job offers!!

♥ Shia

Jessica Druck said...

What's a birch box??? Looks interesting!

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