Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I know I am a day late but Mondays are always so hectic for me and well I am just lazy too. Anywho! I had a great weekend spent lots of time with friends and The Boy

Friday- I met up with G and one of his fave students then we headed out for some wings! The plan for the night was to have seen Think Like a Man but that got changed and then unchanged and just didn't work out for me so now I have to figure out a time to see it! 

Saturday-Hung out all day in bed being a lazy bum which felt great! Then I headed to BWW to watch the UFC fights and the Hawks game. Being the only girl at a table  with 7 guys has some moments that can make you feel like you need to use ear muffs! 

Sunday-I met up with some of my fave people to have a little last chance get together for Bellydancer! She leaves for Thailand on the 1st! Can't believe it! I can not wait to go visit her :) By the by Whole Foods has some great cakes! I got a vanilla/chocolate cake from them and it was amazeballs. 

Soooo that was my weekend and it was fantastic so here are some pictures....

Knockout Punch !
The kitty really liked him 

doing a little dance 
yes those cupcakes on my socks
some of my fave people 

How was your weekend?? 


Lauren said...

Cute pics, that knockout punch looks really yummy :-)

Monica said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Jessica Renee said...

Wait a second..There's a BOY?!! :) I really did miss a lot while I was away from blogging! I need to know more!!

P!nky said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I agree, being at an all boys table is not always the best for the ears!


Miranda said...

Isoooo want a whole foods! You are one busy lady!

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