Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So I was definitely planning to post today about how good my weekend went and then I got sidetracked! 

I had an interview with a different Chinese company last night and it went great. She dropped a bit of a bomb on me near the end saying the position would be starting in about a few weeks. She didn't officially say I had the job but it was pretty clear I was a good candidate. I told my mom and The Boy...stressed myself all night attempting to sleep and woke up to find an offer and contract in my email this morning. 

So now...I am stressing myself silly trying to figure out whatever I can about the school(it can be tricky with foreign companies) and the fact that I would no longer have months to prepare for a move to another country but a few very very short weeks. 

I know that it is a great opportunity and I am doing my best not to talk myself out of reasons why I shouldn't take the job and start this adventure I have been working towards for years....

Has anyone gone overseas to teach? Any advice?? 

I'm going to do my best to :

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Lauren said...

Good luck to you, I know it's a big decision but sounds like a great opportunity :-)

Amanda Nicole said...

What an awesome opportunity! I wish you the best of luck! It's a huge decision, obviously there are going to be reasons against it.. but I'm sure there are a million more why you should go!

Miranda said...

wow that is crazy! but sounds amazing! hope it works out for you and figure everything else girl!

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