Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Fluff!

OOOh I can not express how happy I am that it is Friday. What's more its a 3-day weekend!! yes! 

I didn't get any sleep at all last night...had the weirdest dream that I was driving down the street and this man was laying in the middle of the street hurt. So I pass him to pull over and in my rearview mirror I see him try to get up and get run over onto the hood of a car. The person gets out of the car, pushes him off and takes off and then the person behind him runs him over again. I'm sitting in my car crying and freaking out as I watch it in my rearview mirror. Insane!!! I think I was probably whining in my sleep because I definitely woke-up upset! 

Ook so now that I have made everyone think I am nuts here are some random bits of fluff to start your weekend!! 

I was highly excited to pump gas this morning because it was so much cheaper than earlier in the week! 

My commute was fantastically light too! 

Every single time I hear this song I sing along and do a little dance. 

I am excited to get some sun and spend some time with my friends this weekend! We are going to try and make it to a music street fest happening here in the city, go layout at a pool my friend is housesitting at.(huh?! Makes no sense when you read that) BBQ with my family!! 
I want to try and make this cocktail! 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

I got a new camera!! Woooo! 
my bestie A has this camera and I have been coveting it for a bit now. So I went ahead and treated myself to a new camera. I mean I am going to China soon, good camera is a must!! 

I had a friend make me feel kinda bad this week. I don't think they did it intentionally so I won't bother making a fuss about it but I realized that it did definitely hurt my feelings. Sometimes I wonder how things will workout with me being gone for a year. I know that I chose this adventure and that a lot of people are effected by it but I also noticed that some of those friends are already acting different towards me which makes me think things will be very different for me upon my return. 

My brother graduated 8th grade last night! I can not believe how old he is already. I swear it was just yesterday we were chasing his naked behind around the house.Now he is taller than me, has a girlfriend(I mean as much as a 13 year old really can) and is going to be in HS this year! 
forgive my sweaty mess 90° & no AC in traffic is bad! 
Proud parents :) 

I am very excited for this weekend !I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and please please do not forget what we are honoring this Monday! Check out this out to learn why we celebrate Memorial Day! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Thought it would be fun to do this link up again! 

current book(s): 
Fifty Shades Freed
I've had fun reading the books so far, definitely some hot stuff in there! 

current playlist: 
This varies daily but I have been mixing up the Spanish & English stuff a lot this week...first few songs...
1. Fort Minor- Remember the Name
2. Aventura- Dile Al Amor
3. Juliet Simms(The Voice) - Roxanne(cover)
4. Marc Anthony- Hasta Ayer
5. Carly Rae Jepsen- Call me maybe

current color: 
In keeping with Prom's theme color I have been looking for any and everything in Teal this past week or two. Just got this in the mail! 

current food: 
Yes! Soo delicious seriously...can eat them all day! 

current favorite show(s): 

current needs: 
I need to workout...and sweat and be sore...

current triumphs: 
Today is the day I give my job my two week notice. I am leaving for China in a month! 

current banes of my existence: 
Hmmm...such a long list! Haha no really I would just say that stupid people have been the bane of my existence this week. I can't take much more! 

current celebrity crush: 
Luke Bryan! 
I am seriously prepared to build a shrine and make this man's babies! J/K..not really 

current #1 blessing: 
My family & Friends...
I've said it a million times but they are all seriously amazing :)
Check out this post! Still pretty much exactly the same! 

current indulgence: 
Chocolate Covered Oreos! 
I should be dieting...I have a bday coming soon...instead i've been eating these like nuts! 

current outfit: 
Wish I was actually wearing something cute today! 
Jean Jacket, Pink tank-top & long black skirt...

current excitement: 
My younger brother graduates 8th grade tomorrow! Something I am sad and yet so excited for! He is growing up so fast! 

current mood: 
I am in a pretty good mood today, exhausted but still in a happy place! 

current favorite quote or verse: 
This is 100% accurate! 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

current wishlist item: 
hmmm I would like to be here..with these ladies! 

Seems I've been thinking about this trip a lot! 

current favorite product: 
Bath & Body Works-Moonlight Path
has been a favorite for years! 

This link-up is so fun! Join over at Perfectly Imperfect! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I know I am a day late but that is just how Mondays go for me. My weekend was pretty fantastic! 

Friday night had prom committee and helped the birthday girl set up for the party. Lots of balloons, fluffy stuff and spray paint! 

Saturday was The Prom of course! and Sunday was spent lazing away with The Boy for his birthday! It was a great day, unfortunately he was on call all day so we couldn't do anything too special. 

Doesn't sound like much but that combined with 80°+ weather and being with friends it was great! 

and some pics to sum it all up! 

Prom Photos were taken


Beer was spilled....

My Boo! 

 Candle holders were turned into Shot glasses! 
Candle holders= shot glasses
Midnight birthday shots

The Birthday Girl! 

I have no clue why the photos are not cooperating this excuse the mess! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Photo Friday!

I can't wait for this weekend! Tonight I am heading to help our friend Jlove , we will call her, she is probably the only one who loves Jamaica the most considering her love is there, set up for Prom tomorrow. Prom Committee time!! Wooo hoo! I expect I will get some good pictures out of this. Going to have Prom tomorrow and then Sunday is The Boy's birthday. My boo is turning 25...haha yes that means I am older than him. Cougar in training right here!  I am excited for a great weekend with great weather(so we are told) and avoiding downtown because of the NATO summit at all costs. Hope the protesters keep their shit to a minimum! 

I have never done this link up but I thought it would be fun to try it out! 

Page: Twenty-Two

Jamaica, February 2010

This was an amazing trip! We went down there Valentine's day weekend and thought there would be tons of couples but it actually turned out to be a ton of older people at the resort. This was I think my 2nd or 3rd time back there with my girls. Right after this picture we proceeded to dance around while our friend shouted pimp style orders at us. As always it was a great trip and so many memories were made. I can't wait to be back there on that red carpet someday soon with all my favorite girls. 

What photo are you jumping back to today? Link up over at Page Twenty-Two

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's unload

I was going to post for Its Ok Thurday but instead I will do a little complaining about some NOT OK things....

1. Why does everything have to take so long to get done in China? No seriously. Paperwork that should take 1 week takes 3 or more. It is very inconvenient to receive an email saying 10 days one night and the next night an email that says 20-23/4 days instead. Really? Because I don't have an expensive ass flight to purchase to get there! 

2. Personal space people. I know that once I get overseas I have to get used to things not being the same as they are in the US but here we know damn well its rude to stand so close I can feel you breathing. I promise when the door opens I will get off as quickly as I can and you standing so close WILL NOT make the door open faster. 

3. Driving sucks. I know exactly why I went almost 3 years without a car. It sucks. traffic sucks. bad drivers like myself suck. people who don't use turning signals suck. Gas prices are insane! Seriously you want me to pay $4.34 for a gallon of gas? I'd rather hitchhike but then the person picking me up might expect payment for that ride since gas is ripping them a new one too! 

4. Can I have more time? Why is there so much going on the month before I move? Please help me understand and then please help everyone around me understand that I can not be at everything, plan everything or stay any longer. 

5. This damn Iphone....I don't know if its the phone I have or AT&T..more likely stupid AT&T but really my phone never wants to work. Doesn't work in  my office building, doesn't work on the surrounding blocks, or when I want to use it...EVER. 

6. Trying on dresses= fail. I had a seriously depressing moment yesterday trying on prom dresses. I do just enough exercise not to gain weight but not enough to lose anything...normally I'm fine with that until I try on 9 dresses and not one fits. Then...I cry. 

Ooh that felt kinda good...ok enough complaining for today! 
I need a drink and some time w/The Boy & my girlies to make me feel better! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Post: Fitness Do's & Dont's

I've been promising you all that I would have my bestie A guest post for me. She is my resident go -to fitness guru and one of my best friends. She has an amazing energy and for as long as I have known her has been trying to inject fitness into my life and to make me love it. While she hasn't succeeded in making me love she is always there to make me remember to love myself with always positive words! So here is a post from her! Feel free to ask questions as I'm sure she is happy to answer them! 


This is Ms. A 
“I want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world….in the weight section of the gym “  J

Gym DO’s
1. Take a class. If you feel like you’re in a rut, your regular 30min cardio routine is boring you to death, or that Cosmo magazine is not keeping you entertained while you walk the treadmill, try a new class! What’s the worst that can happen?? You learn a new exercise, get a little sweaty, and get to check out the sexy hunks that will be doing the downward dog in front of you.

2. Dare to go heavy.  Misconception is that if you lift heavy dumbbells, your arms will get big. Schwarzenegger big. Veins poppin out big. TRUST ME… THEY WON’T! If you’ve been lifting 5lb dumbbells, you might as well stay home and use your corn and bean cans. It shouldn’t be easy.  

3. Wipe after yourself. Whether you smell like a rose or grilled onions, nobody wants to bathe in your sweat.

4. Get help. If you don’t know how to use a machine, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Those muscle heads and Jillian Michaels look-a-likes can be intimidating, but just remember….they were beginners at some point too. 


Don’t hog the machines. Finish your reps /sets and get off. Your kindle and Facebook updates can wait until later. And no I’m not the rude one if I ask you to get off the are.

Don’t forget the deodorant. Number 1 etiquette of going to the gym is to be clean. Take a shower, wear clean clothes, and wear deodorant. Only spraying your sweet perfume/cologne won’t do the trick. Take a whiff of yourself before walking out of the locker room…if you can smell it, so can we !

Don’t look like a clown. Leave your makeup at home. Runny mascara? Not cute. Go waterproof! Thinking of caking up the face? Your pores will hate you later.

Dress for occasion. Be comfortable in what you wear because when you’re not – it shows. Don’t limit yourself from doing an exercise because you decided to wear hoochie cutters and are self-conscious your butt cheeks might hang out. Wear pants, wear shorts…whatever you like. Just not so short where you expose yourself to everyone. Please don’t. You will be known as that girl. Oh yes you will. 

Here is a great song to add to your workout playlist! 

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