Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Rambles...

I am so very happy it is Friday already!! seriously people this week too way to long for me! 

I was dealing with some serious PMS this week and I feel so bad for everyone that got in my way. 

There is one great thing about my job and that is that some of the people who work here are great! I just got the girls in the design team to take my passport photos(for my visa processing) and they were so sweet telling me how great they looked. I can see I know they didn't but they made my day anyway! 

I would like a giant jar of this please: 

My sister and I went shopping for some Mother's Day things..and grabbed some Pink wigs for the Y-Me Breast Cancer 5K we are running. We ran it last year with my mom and she loved it so we will do it again but this time we will be looking extra sessy! 

I had a minor flip out this week when I got my week 1 grades for this new class and got less than 50%. NEVER has that EVER happened to me. Apparently this teacher feels as though its important to make sure you hit a 100 word minimum even if it means making irrelevant observations and chatter in your response. NOT OK. I was happy to see the rest of the class expressed their outrage as well. 

I might have mentioned that I am super sad I will be missing all the country concerts that will be in Chicago this year while I will be in China...he isn't coming but I love this song! 

I am finally going to bless you all with my bestie A's fitness wisdom next week! First guest post on this here  bloggy! Speaking of guest posts I am going to need a few for my first week in China. It is about a month away but if you would like to guest post let me know! 

Fashionista is in town ya'll! I am going to see her pretty self tonight! It has been a long time and even though i'm feeling awful lazy I am excited to catch up with her! 

Ook that's all for now...seriously though pray for me. I hope I don't die in this 5K this weekend because I've eaten everything in site and not run a bit in over 2 weeks!! 


Lauren said...

Good luck in your 5K :-)

Jamie said...

Love the wigs!

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