Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Fluff!

OOOh I can not express how happy I am that it is Friday. What's more its a 3-day weekend!! yes! 

I didn't get any sleep at all last night...had the weirdest dream that I was driving down the street and this man was laying in the middle of the street hurt. So I pass him to pull over and in my rearview mirror I see him try to get up and get run over onto the hood of a car. The person gets out of the car, pushes him off and takes off and then the person behind him runs him over again. I'm sitting in my car crying and freaking out as I watch it in my rearview mirror. Insane!!! I think I was probably whining in my sleep because I definitely woke-up upset! 

Ook so now that I have made everyone think I am nuts here are some random bits of fluff to start your weekend!! 

I was highly excited to pump gas this morning because it was so much cheaper than earlier in the week! 

My commute was fantastically light too! 

Every single time I hear this song I sing along and do a little dance. 

I am excited to get some sun and spend some time with my friends this weekend! We are going to try and make it to a music street fest happening here in the city, go layout at a pool my friend is housesitting at.(huh?! Makes no sense when you read that) BBQ with my family!! 
I want to try and make this cocktail! 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

I got a new camera!! Woooo! 
my bestie A has this camera and I have been coveting it for a bit now. So I went ahead and treated myself to a new camera. I mean I am going to China soon, good camera is a must!! 

I had a friend make me feel kinda bad this week. I don't think they did it intentionally so I won't bother making a fuss about it but I realized that it did definitely hurt my feelings. Sometimes I wonder how things will workout with me being gone for a year. I know that I chose this adventure and that a lot of people are effected by it but I also noticed that some of those friends are already acting different towards me which makes me think things will be very different for me upon my return. 

My brother graduated 8th grade last night! I can not believe how old he is already. I swear it was just yesterday we were chasing his naked behind around the house.Now he is taller than me, has a girlfriend(I mean as much as a 13 year old really can) and is going to be in HS this year! 
forgive my sweaty mess 90° & no AC in traffic is bad! 
Proud parents :) 

I am very excited for this weekend !I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and please please do not forget what we are honoring this Monday! Check out this out to learn why we celebrate Memorial Day! 


Lauren said...

That cocktail looks sooo yummy!

Victoria said...

i was thrilled when i bought gas on weds and it was cheap at $4.03! :)

fun times you had this week!

have a lovely long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love that you were so excited by a lower gas price that you took a pic of the sign ;)

♥ Shia

Stephanie Iris said...

Gas where I live averages $4.25 a gallon. I probably look like I swallowed a lemon every time I need to fill up.

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