Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Photo Friday!

I can't wait for this weekend! Tonight I am heading to help our friend Jlove , we will call her, she is probably the only one who loves Jamaica the most considering her love is there, set up for Prom tomorrow. Prom Committee time!! Wooo hoo! I expect I will get some good pictures out of this. Going to have Prom tomorrow and then Sunday is The Boy's birthday. My boo is turning 25...haha yes that means I am older than him. Cougar in training right here!  I am excited for a great weekend with great weather(so we are told) and avoiding downtown because of the NATO summit at all costs. Hope the protesters keep their shit to a minimum! 

I have never done this link up but I thought it would be fun to try it out! 

Page: Twenty-Two

Jamaica, February 2010

This was an amazing trip! We went down there Valentine's day weekend and thought there would be tons of couples but it actually turned out to be a ton of older people at the resort. This was I think my 2nd or 3rd time back there with my girls. Right after this picture we proceeded to dance around while our friend shouted pimp style orders at us. As always it was a great trip and so many memories were made. I can't wait to be back there on that red carpet someday soon with all my favorite girls. 

What photo are you jumping back to today? Link up over at Page Twenty-Two


Page Twenty-Two said...

That photo is AWESOME!! I love it - I've never been to Jamaica but I always wanted to - thanks for linking up!

Lauren said...

Love it,I'm so wanting to go back to Jamaica soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pic!

Have a great weekend!!

♥ Shia

KG said...

B would be a great pimp. I have some awesome videos of that...before I started losing my camera every trip I went on.

I miss Ja now, and that pic was before my horrendous knee scar!!

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