Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Post: Fitness Do's & Dont's

I've been promising you all that I would have my bestie A guest post for me. She is my resident go -to fitness guru and one of my best friends. She has an amazing energy and for as long as I have known her has been trying to inject fitness into my life and to make me love it. While she hasn't succeeded in making me love she is always there to make me remember to love myself with always positive words! So here is a post from her! Feel free to ask questions as I'm sure she is happy to answer them! 


This is Ms. A 
“I want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world….in the weight section of the gym “  J

Gym DO’s
1. Take a class. If you feel like you’re in a rut, your regular 30min cardio routine is boring you to death, or that Cosmo magazine is not keeping you entertained while you walk the treadmill, try a new class! What’s the worst that can happen?? You learn a new exercise, get a little sweaty, and get to check out the sexy hunks that will be doing the downward dog in front of you.

2. Dare to go heavy.  Misconception is that if you lift heavy dumbbells, your arms will get big. Schwarzenegger big. Veins poppin out big. TRUST ME… THEY WON’T! If you’ve been lifting 5lb dumbbells, you might as well stay home and use your corn and bean cans. It shouldn’t be easy.  

3. Wipe after yourself. Whether you smell like a rose or grilled onions, nobody wants to bathe in your sweat.

4. Get help. If you don’t know how to use a machine, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Those muscle heads and Jillian Michaels look-a-likes can be intimidating, but just remember….they were beginners at some point too. 


Don’t hog the machines. Finish your reps /sets and get off. Your kindle and Facebook updates can wait until later. And no I’m not the rude one if I ask you to get off the machine..you are.

Don’t forget the deodorant. Number 1 etiquette of going to the gym is to be clean. Take a shower, wear clean clothes, and wear deodorant. Only spraying your sweet perfume/cologne won’t do the trick. Take a whiff of yourself before walking out of the locker room…if you can smell it, so can we !

Don’t look like a clown. Leave your makeup at home. Runny mascara? Not cute. Go waterproof! Thinking of caking up the face? Your pores will hate you later.

Dress for occasion. Be comfortable in what you wear because when you’re not – it shows. Don’t limit yourself from doing an exercise because you decided to wear hoochie cutters and are self-conscious your butt cheeks might hang out. Wear pants, wear shorts…whatever you like. Just not so short where you expose yourself to everyone. Please don’t. You will be known as that girl. Oh yes you will. 

Here is a great song to add to your workout playlist! 


Anonymous said...

Amen on the don't forget deodorant...I hate when there are smelly peeps at the gym!

ms.composure said...

def some GREAT tips she shared!!


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