Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday monday monday...

How did the weekend go by so quickly? I am lucky to be even typing this right now since the Internet has been up & down all morning here at work. I have no real clue why I was so absent last week, I mean it was busy but not so  busy that I couldn't blog...I think I just lacked the inspiration I needed. 

I had Thursday and Friday off work so I made it to the doctor for my first round of immunizations and I won't even pretend they didn't suck. I got 3 shots and will have to go back for 3 more and also take some pills for Typhoid. I am really really hoping those pills don't make me sick because the Tetanus shot really did. I spent most of Thursday and Friday with a pretty nasty migraine that I couldn't medicate away. 

I've started getting most of the big things I will need for my move. I have luggage, and an Ipad to make life a bit easier. I talked to AT&T about my cell phone and have come to the conclusion it will be cheaper to not use it while I am gone. I also found out that with my google voice number app and my Iphone on wi-fi I will still be able to receive calls & texts without paying any international fees. I just have to be in a place with Wi-fi! how fun is that! 

In other news I had a moment this weekend where I realized that either Chicago really is smaller than we all think it is or I just have ridiculous luck! Ran into someone while I was out with The Boy that I would much rather not have seen EVER let alone while out with him. HA! 

I had lunch on Thursday and even got to spend some QT time with The Boy this weekend...hung out with G and went to visit him at his school. Middle student kids have tooooo much energy for me! Just think I will be in China teaching some students that age who can't speak any English....Eeeek! 

Ohh and I also saw The Avengers! I don't know how many of you got to see it but it was fantastic so get your ass to the theater!!! It had much more humor than I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised. 

And some Iphone pics to keep you entertained!! 

Gorgeous day! 

Food art :) 

Bug Eyes

 I was going to caption the Justin Beiber one but it deserves explanation. While watching the boxing matches Saturday night mr Beiber made an appearance in the Mayweather corner. I was shocked and immediately began texting everyone I know seeking answers...why!?!?!

Scary Storm Sunday


Jessica Renee said...

I've heard Avengers was awesome, now I wanna see it!

and really, justin bieber? I already can't stand him. I don't get why he's even involved in half the things he is! lol

Victoria said...

i am excited to go see the avengers :)

sounds like a fun weekend,glad you are better from the shots though!!

Leanna Vera said...

I'm so jealous that you got to see The Avengers. We tried to go last night and all the shows for the whole evening were sold out. We're going to try again this weekend.

Christine said...

Have fun in China! I'm not gonna lie, I am not jealous of your shots. I absolutely hate them. I am so excited to see The Avengers this weekend! Whoo! P/S: weren't the storms this weekend amazing?! I love them so much and we finally got them!

Asha said...

OMG I remember having to get those shots except I got all 6 at the same time (3 on each arm) and it was awful! Especially because my mom would look horrified right as the nurse stuck the needles in my arm, haha!
p.s. - Avengers was amazing!!! We had to wait half an hour in line but it was completely worth it!

Meg {henninglove} said...

saw avengers last night, wasn't really interested but went because my husband wanted to see it. but i like it!

Cherie said...

Have not yet heard one bad thing about the Avengers. I'll probably be seeing it this weekend, so it better be as good as everyone claims!!

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