Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

I'm about to get super sappy on you guys! 

It's Mother's Day and while I am out running a 5K with my momma rocking our pink wigs I know she will read this later today and so I want to introduce you all to Ms.M. 

Let me tell you some things about her! 
She is an amazing woman. a strong woman. a smart woman. a mother. a wife. a grandmother. a marathon runner. an advice giver. a business owner....the list can go on. It might have taken me years to finally develop the relationship I wanted with my mother but I am so happy that I have. She has been my backbone and support forever and it took way too long to see that. My mother is such a strong woman, a few years ago she was undergoing back surgery and look at her now. This year she runs her third marathon. This year she has a son graduating the 8th grade, a daughter leaving her to go live in China, a daughter graduating college, a grandchild turning 3. We have been through a lot recently as a family and she is the support system, the backbone, the caregiver and go to for anything person in our entire family. The Boy and I aren't much for having any children but if we do she has taught me some great things and I know she will be there for me just as she is for my sister to help when the parenting gets tough! There isn't much we can do to show her how much we love and support her except tell her. I hope she knows it!! 

I couldn't find any pics on my FB older than 2007 so you've got from 2007-2012 right here! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope all you mothers out there have a wonderful day and hug your moms, tell them you love them! 

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Miranda said...

what a sweet post! your mom is beautiful! and so is your family :)

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