Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's unload

I was going to post for Its Ok Thurday but instead I will do a little complaining about some NOT OK things....

1. Why does everything have to take so long to get done in China? No seriously. Paperwork that should take 1 week takes 3 or more. It is very inconvenient to receive an email saying 10 days one night and the next night an email that says 20-23/4 days instead. Really? Because I don't have an expensive ass flight to purchase to get there! 

2. Personal space people. I know that once I get overseas I have to get used to things not being the same as they are in the US but here we know damn well its rude to stand so close I can feel you breathing. I promise when the door opens I will get off as quickly as I can and you standing so close WILL NOT make the door open faster. 

3. Driving sucks. I know exactly why I went almost 3 years without a car. It sucks. traffic sucks. bad drivers like myself suck. people who don't use turning signals suck. Gas prices are insane! Seriously you want me to pay $4.34 for a gallon of gas? I'd rather hitchhike but then the person picking me up might expect payment for that ride since gas is ripping them a new one too! 

4. Can I have more time? Why is there so much going on the month before I move? Please help me understand and then please help everyone around me understand that I can not be at everything, plan everything or stay any longer. 

5. This damn Iphone....I don't know if its the phone I have or AT&T..more likely stupid AT&T but really my phone never wants to work. Doesn't work in  my office building, doesn't work on the surrounding blocks, or when I want to use it...EVER. 

6. Trying on dresses= fail. I had a seriously depressing moment yesterday trying on prom dresses. I do just enough exercise not to gain weight but not enough to lose anything...normally I'm fine with that until I try on 9 dresses and not one fits. Then...I cry. 

Ooh that felt kinda good...ok enough complaining for today! 
I need a drink and some time w/The Boy & my girlies to make me feel better! 

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the dress experience - I went through something similar with a wedding dress shop. But ended up finding the perfect dress somewhere keep your head's gonna work out!

♥ Shia

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