Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've had a very busy week and unfortunately after spending hours working on a research paper this past sunday I have not been inspired to write much. Luckily I am off work tomorrow & Friday so I might be in a better mood soon!  I did want to touch a topic with you all though...

Over the last few months I have spent a lot of time reading articles, forums, posts, blogs and any other sort of informational things I can find about China and expat life. There is also just the normal bunch of stuff I come across on things in normal American life. The most common factor I find is that there are so many disgruntled and just generally unhappy people out there. I mean seems like all the unhappy people gather on the internet and spend all their free time complaining about EVERYTHING and anything. If you see an article and it has 100 comments underneath it I can almost promise you that 75% or more are nasty comments. If you see a forum with a question the majority of the answers are not helpful except to bitch about the topic or anything remotely tied to the topic. I just don't get it. 

I mean I understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion but why does there always have to be such negativity? 

I have been reading lots of information about China trying to prepare myself for the move and I am telling you all right now that so much of it actually is disheartening. Its hard not to be terrified when I find a good post or review of something and then read the comments and there are 20+ people saying awful things. The idea that these  Here is what I wonder? 

-If you don't like the article and it is completely unrelated to or does not effect your life why do you need to respond with negativity? 

-If you hate living in a foreign country so much why the hell did you move there? And if you moved for the opportunity why the hell are you still there if your so miserable? 

-What makes you right? What makes your point of view the only correct point of view? 

-Why does attacking the writer of the piece or commenter above you make any sense?? 

I guess those are questions I will never get answered. Has anyone else noticed this? I have promised myself I will not read any more comments on articles, forums, discussions or anything of that sort anymore. I can't stand to see the amount of negativity out there. So yea this is my post not understanding why people don't have anything nice to say...does that count as complaining?? 


Monica said...

Oh my Gosh Monica I know what you mean! I work for a roofing company and 85% of our customers are the meanest and rudest people on earth! I'm getting to the point of hating people..

Cherie said...

I think complaining on the internet gives people a kind of relief. It allows them to anonymously air their grievances without fear of judgment. Anyone who critiques them is just another nameless, faceless person they don't actually have to deal with in real life.

Take YouTube for example.. Go to any video with over 500,000 hits and there's probably some kind of crazy argument going on in the comment section. It's sad, really.

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