Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another weekend trip!

I might have mentioned before that I live about an hour outside of Bangkok so as soon as the weekend hits I am out of my small town and on the big dirty city! A couple weekends ago I was lucky enough to have 3 days instead of 2 since some of our students were doing a competition on Monday. Anyway! My roomie decided to head down to Bangkok for Friday night with me and then we would go our separate ways in the morning. I have soooo many pictures in Bangkok that I think I might just save those for another day...

I did decide to go to Koh Samet for 3 days alone since no one else was available to go and I want to make the most of my time here in Thailand. It is a 3 hour bus ride southeast and well worth the trip! Once I got off the bus and onto the pier I met another American girl traveling alone and once we were on the beach we met two more American girls traveling and so I had people to hang out with :)

The beaches are beautiful in Koh Samet and the island itself is a national park so you pay a fee to get in. The hotels were pretty booked up but I got lucky and found one on the good beach but not cheap at all :( Which is what led me to decide maybe I only needed two days and one night there. Anyway there was tanning, swimming(a small amount), watching amazing fire shows and TONS of dancing and drinking! I love loved it and I am so glad that I went. It turned out to be the best weekend I have had here yet!

Ook enough...here are the pictures and a video of the fire show! 

And here are two of the videos for that awesome fire show the Thai guys with amazing bodies put on! haha 

I know that was a ton of pictures but hope you enjoyed them! 

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Lauren said...

Looks amazing there & all the food yum! :-) Glad you are living it up!

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