Friday, July 6, 2012

Bangkok for the weekend!

Now that I have shared some of the bad let me share some of the good fun! I have mentioned before that my friend Bellydancer from Chicago is also in Thailand. She has been there since May ooh and you can find her travels here. She is the one that convinced me to take the job in Thailand instead of China...I should thank and strangle her all at the same time! haha no really though we decided to meet in Bangkok for my 2nd weekend. 

I got there before she & her chinese teacher friend so I hung out in a internet cafe looking at jobs in China and generally hanging out enjoying the AC. We met up at our hostel HQ in the Silom neighborhood and checked in...then we headed out for some food and wandering! We ate, we walked around and then stayed up until 3am catching up and talking about what adventures we have planned for ourselves over the next year or so. 

Saturday we got up and checked out and into our next hostel/economy hotel Rika Inn on Khao San Road. There is some amazing people watching to be had on that road. We got checked in and then decided to head to the big malls to look around, shop and get some food. It was a good day, we also went to see Spiderman in 3D. Great time, love that the subtitles were in Thai and you have to stand up right before the movie for the Kings song. We then headed back to our room and got changed and headed out for the night. It was a great time! She and I always had fun together in Chicago so it was no different in Bangkok! We checked out like 3-4 places and had lots of drinks and had McDonalds at 4am...closest I have felt to home since I got here :) 

Sunday we checked out the Chatuchek Market. HUGE HUGE HUGE and so much stuff and if you think in terms of USD it was Soooooooooo cheap! haha I hope to check that place out a lot more since we barely saw half of it! On our way back to the last stop at the mall my friend fell and basically tore apart her foot muscles and it was bad! 

Trying to get her around safely I missed the last bus & train back to Chachoengsao and had to stay another night in Bangkok. Checked into another hostel Lub D this time and cried to my boyfriend about all the stuff going on and how flustered I was. Then went to bed for 3 hours so I could catch the 5am train and make it to work on time. 

Ook enough are the pics!!! 

in a tuk-tuk headed to the train station 

Chachoengsao train station 

No AC & old ladies selling food/drinks on the train :) 
On the train into Bangkok
My first squat toilet...why you must always carry toilet paper 

favorite dish so clue the name its pork, basil, fried egg & rice and spicy!!! 

Bam Bam's first hostel 

Ready for the weekend! 

Swensons Oreo cookies & cream sundae! 

My first fun purchase :) 

HQ hostel

Major & I 


Oooh no! 

Main road in Silom 

Weirdest feeling EVER 

15 minutes in the fishy tank 

Giant roaches 
not what I thought it was going to be 
Grand Palace 

4am McDonalds..(she just realized I don't eat the ends of my fries)

riding in a tuk-tuk 

bruised when my friend grabbed on too tight 
All in all a great weekend!! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday & weekend! I am headed to Pattaya with some of the teachers :) 

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Annabelle said...

This looks like fun! I have one question...that toilet, is that foot grips on the rim? OMG! I would die! I think I would rather pee outside!

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