Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello there!!

Last night I realized I have been so out of the blogging world its kind of sad! I think I got it in my head that I can't post my normal mundane rambles and link ups while I am abroad but the reality is that Monday-Thursday I am living a normal life teaching kids just in a different country! Soo I am going to do my best to get back to keeping up with everyone and sharing my normal every day business. Luckily I did have a wonderful weekend but I don't have time now to share it all with you so I will make a post for tomorrow with lots of pictures and things to share! I also have to put up some pictures from my first solo trip I took to an island the weekend before. I have never gone on a trip alone before and even though it was only for two days I am so glad that I did. Ook enough of that I will save it for that post! 

I am so jealous seeing all the great giveaways & swaps going on, I am too far to join in! 

I can't wait to read everyone's weekend posts!! 

Ooh and if you know how to unlock an iphone and want to be a darling and explain feel free to comment or message me! 

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Jamie said...

Hope you had a good Monday!

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