Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thailand...Oh Thailand....

My first few days in Thailand were interesting I'll tell you that! I arrived Thursday evening and the EP(English Program) director and another director picked me up, only to lose their ticket for their car in the parking lot. We spent a good hour trying to find it then filling out paperwork to leave the lot. Then we went to get some food and proceeded to drive to 4 different hotels trying to find a place for me to sleep for the weekend or until I found an apartment. Even though I had made it clear I would be ok making reservations before I arrived. I ended up in a decent new hotel with no Wifi so I had to plug my laptop into the wall everytime I wanted to use the internet. There are not a lot of foreigners in the town we are in...maybe 20 in total and 14 of them are at this school so its hard to find anyone who speaks English. I have learned to count already otherwise I wouldn't have a clue how much to pay. 

You have to take the bathroom paper out because everything gets soaked

Friday morning I woke up and went to check out the school. I was given a tour, talked to about all the great things in the school. The school is in a state of disrepair from what I am told is construction that was started the week school started. Seems that is the Thai way...I met a few different classes that were vying for a teacher and pressured by the director and the other teachers on which level to choose. My options were 1 2nd grade class that I would share with a Thai teacher teaching English, Math, Science, Health & PE. Or I would teach grades 2, 3, 4, & 6 only Math & Science in English following the exact lesson they learned in Thai but in English. 

Favorite part of the school...hallway next to EP office 
After being shown around the school I was left to my own devices at the hotel for the evening. I ventured out to the mall by Tuk Tuk and tried not to get lost. Luckily after about 30 minutes in the mall a few other English teachers from the school hunted me down and we went for beers. They are a fun group, we ended up at one of the teachers house drinking whiskey & sprite and singing along to You tube videos.

Saturday the director picked me and the other new teacher up so that we could have lunch, shop for a Thai cell phone and check out some apartments. We found a house we really liked and decided we would do our best to get it. Then we headed out to dinner with the other foreign teachers and to a party for the other new girls birthday. 

riding Family style(3 or more) on a scooter 

Caligirl's ice cream tub
Sunday was spent lazying around the hotel, the new girl, we can call her Caligirl, ventured out and went for a walk, got a tuk tuk and went to the mall. We had to both start teaching on Monday. 
Venturing out 
I've had SOOOOO  much fruit here 

Part of the Temple nearest our school
found a soccer game! 
Thai Cell phone shopping 

Thats all for now...I'll share some pics and then tell you all the shit show that was my first official week teaching in Thailand! 

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I am celebrating with the other American teachers tonight :) 

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Monica said...

Awesome Pictures! Boy you seem to make friends so easy! I love that! Good luck teaching and keep those pictures coming!

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