Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...

Hmmm spent so much time on Pinterest the last week or so with all the down time I've had! I'm heading to China today so don't be surprised if I am not around for a few days! 

Now that I am living in a part of the world that is warm almost all year long I have found myself missing a fall/winter wardrobe. I am hoping it gets a little cool so I can pull out some of the things I packed. Today's Pinterest pics are all the things I will be missing....

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Oooh yummy food! 

And some other random Pinterest things that always sneak their way in! 

I love love this: 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

And of course...a pretty face! 

OOh what an obsession Pinterest can be! You can find me here

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ooh the funnies!

So while visiting with my friend Bellydancer we got to see a lot of Youtube videos because she is a big fan of random cat videos. So I wanted to share some with you! 

I'm sure you have seen the "Shit girls say" videos but there is one from Chicago that is sooo straight on and I love it! 

Now some people say it isn't completely accurate but this one is pretty spot on too...

(He was off on the fact that we say "Jewels" not "jewel") 

Incase you haven't heard this song yet, listen and it will be stuck in your head! Its hilarious and taking over the world! 

Does your city have a "shit ______ say" video??? 
Don't you just love the song?! 
Happy Tuesday!!! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend recap!

I had a pretty great and relaxing weekend. I went up to Saraburi to visit my friend Bellydancer and have a little R&R before I head to China and things get crazy and busy.  

I got in Friday and we got some food and hung out, eating and drinking beers Skyping with our boyfriends. 
Saturday we slept in late and then explored her town, shopping, eating way too much and just generally relaxing. She made me dinner and we hung out and chatted the night away. 

Sunday we got up early and went to Lopburi which is famous for having a temple that is overrun with monkeys. It was fun, a little nerve wrecking but we had a kid as our guide who had a stick to shoo them away. Not that it stopped them from getting close and tugging on our skirts and one jumped on my friend. When we got inside the temple we were able to touch the monkeys through the bars which was fun since they kept trying to steal our rings and my watch the little thieves! 
The fun thing about the monkeys is that they are not controlled to one area, they roam the streets and surrounding areas and are fed all the time. But it is very clear that you have watch out for your belongings as they will snatch them right up. Even shop owners have to be very vigilant. 
So here are some pics from the weekend....

Its our thing to head to Swensons everytime we get together 

Monkeys hanging out on the Buddha 

The little guy was trying to steal my watch 

Hot Pot dinner :) 

Its so difficult to make guac! Got to find very expensive avocados and tortilla chips! 

reunited and it feels so good! 

My bestie A gave each of us one of these little creatures before we left. It was the first time I remembered mine when she had hers!

How was your weekend? 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Friday!!

Yay it is finally Friday! Not that I did anything exceptionally strenuous this week to be so deserving of a weekend. I did manage to get some laundry done, some uneccesary shopping and the decision about where I will be teaching has been made!

Wednesday next week I am moving to China! Yep! I am finally going and I am very excited about it. The back and forth process took awhile and really stressed me out but my fantastic mother Mrs.M handled all my visa paperwork and is sending it all back to me so I can leave Thailand and get to Foshan.

For the next 11 months I will be living in this beautiful city :

Teaching Kindergartners and exploring what China has to offer.

Since I am not quite sure what my internet situation will be for the first week or so I need some guest bloggers so if you are up for it send me a message!

I am headed to visit Bellydancer in her town Saraburi so we can relax and hang out this weekend before I leave her. I am sure there will be some beer and late night chatting sessions involved.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Yay linking up again! I have had lots of time to browse Pinterest this week which is a first in the last two months :)  

want to do this with my hair! 
Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Went to see this place two weeks ago...even more beautiful in person! 

What I would give to be able to bake something!! 

I need one of these ASAP! 

Source: via Monica on Pinterest


So true...

and of course...a pretty face: 

What are you Pinning this week! You can find me on Pinterest here.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tasty Tuesday!

I don't know if this is an already existing link up so if you know please let me know so I can give credit where it is due. 

What I do know is that I can tell you in all honesty the thing I love the MOST about Thailand is the food. I have been here two months and I pretty much loved or genuinely liked everything I have tried. There were a few things that I was so-so with but then started to enjoy and I know I've barely hit the tip of the iceberg here. So I will just show you some of the deliciousness that I have been enjoying! 

The first few were from the cooking class I took in Chiang Mai with my girl Bellydancer
Fruit plate w/nuts 

pork w/Basil & rice(my fave dish) 

hot & sour chicken soup
one of my faves: Papaya salad 

fish cakes 
spring rolls
Panang Chicken

Now my random food porn moments: 
Street cart Pad Thai

Pork/Basil, rice & fried egg on top! 
These are called Roti! 
Banana & nutella Roti

some kind of chicken & rice they served for lunch at shool
still no clue what these were but they were good! 

Mango w/sticky rice!!! 

pancake on a stick 

The Thai idea of a Pancake

Sorry that was way more pictures then I thought I was going to post but I have a slight food porn and Thai food addiction! I am still so excited about taking that cooking class because I learned to make all my favorite Thai dishes. The Boy is pretty excited for me to bring those cooking skills and recipes home!

I do have recipes for all the ones at the top so feel free to message me for any of them! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ooh Mondays!

I just got into Bangkok at 6am this morning. I spent the weekend in Phuket lounging and whining because it just kept raining and raining and raining. I know that it is rainy season here on this side of the world and that October is actually the worst month(so it will get worse!) but don't let me get off on that one...Anyway I lounged and I went on a fantastic canoe tour of some of the islands in between storms and I made friends with Peruvian guys in my dorm room so I got to practice my Spanish! I got to see a Ping Pong show...I thought maybe I wouldn't mention this but really if you know me well I was dying to see one knowing that on some level it would slightly traumatize me...and it has. The things that people learn to do with their bodies...oye!! Ook so yea if you want to discuss what all a Ping Pong show entails feel free to message me but since my mother reads this I will not traumatize her too! 
another storm brewing
luckily found someone to ride with me! 
James Bond Island! 

Russian girls..
two of my dorm mates! 
I rode my first sleeper train back to Bangkok. The trip itself was not too bad but as I mentioned in previous posts things in Thailand do not happen easily. I took a 5 hour bus trip to Surat Thani then a 14 hour train ride to Bangkok. LONG LONG Sunday! 

I got to my hostel and got settled, took a much needed shower and decided I do not want to a damn thing today. Seems like a waste to some but I have spent the last 9 days straight traveling. I need to lay around, watch  movies and read. A text me asking if I would be online for awhile because she would like to chat and then after awhile she finally got on and she surprised me with this: 

You can't see him so well in the corner but its my bestie G! I haven't skyped with him yet and its been 2 months. We text everday but still. I admit I totally teared up(which they called) and I was so excited to chat with them both. They were sitting at a McDonald's at 11pm on a Sunday night just to chat with me. It makes me tear up a bit just typing it. I miss my best friends so much and I wish they were here!! 

So now I am in the TV room at the hostel blogging and watching movies. 

I wanted to share something with you guys...the hardest part of being abroad for me has been not being able to physically share the experience with someone. If that makes any sense. I know that I can share pictures and tell stories but I would love to have The Boy here to try all these new adventurous things I have done...or my besties to try all these fantastic party places and see things like a Ping Pong show...or my family so that we can talk about all the great sites we saw on our travels. I am enjoying the experience and I can already tell its changing my life I just get a little sad right after I do something when I can't turn to someone I love and say
"Omg we are going to remember that for the rest of our lives!" 

So that is my little blurb for today! Can't wait to read your posts about the weekend!! 

Friday, August 17, 2012


Where has the week gone? How did I go from posting all of M-F last week to only one/two post this week? Its been a busy and crazy week though so please forgive! I was in Chiang Mai on Monday then spent the majority of Tuesday 7:30am-9ishpm getting back to Chachoengsao so that I could pack up and leave again Weds. On Weds morning I got to skype a bit with my mom without anyone around which was nice so we could really talk about things that were going on. Then I headed out and got on a train for 2 hours(ridiculous delays always) and then went to see Step Up was actually super cute and I felt like dancing the whole day after that!

Then I started my journey down to Phuket! I couldn't get a bed on a sleeper train so I bought a bus ticket...I thought it would be the same kind of bus as my trip to Chiang Mai...I was wrong and it took ages! We left late...because everything in Thailand runs late...drove all night got to the halfway mark around 6am and switched basically I arrived at 12ish yesterday. 

 I went straight to the hostel dropped my bags and went to the beach and laid around! I spent most of my afternoon like this:
Couldn't get too much sun the first day I still have two more days! Anyway I am all booked for a canoe trip to some of the islands to see caves and James Bond island...I couldn't manage to convince myself I want to snorkel...I mean really have you seen Shark Week ever? 
 I do desperately want to see Koh Phi Phi as everyone I have met says its a must so I think tomorrow I will just hop on a ferry(not actually a short trip) and walk around and lay on the beach there so I can see what all the fuss is about. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I think next week will have to be very full of pictures I have about 3 weekends worth to show you all! 

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