Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kanchanaburi paarrty!

Two weekends ago most of the English teachers here at the school decided to go to Kanchanaburi to visit some of their friends and to party and so we set out on a 6 hour bus ride through Bangkok and onto the town getting there Friday night at about 10. I thought we would lay low that night since the big party was supposed to be Saturday night and a group of 6 of us were going hiking to check out waterfalls, ride elephants, and see the bridge over the River Kwai. Well...that didnt happen...we partied until 4 something in the up at 7...lugged our hungovers bodies into a van and went hiking! It was something out of the books for sure...beautiful sites but it poured the WHOLE entire time we were hiking trying to get from waterfall to waterfall...we only made it to the 5th because it got so dangerous to get up and down the mountain that we just couldn't risk going up anymore. I didn't get into the pools by the waterfalls because the fish were huge and they are the type that like to nibble on you...It was a fantastic time and I am so glad that we did it. Since the weather was so bad we weren't able to go river rafting(which was FINE by me) we go to ride elephants and then we took the death railway train and checked out the bridge. Then...we partied some more. needless to say the 5-6 hour van ride home was awful...i am pretty sure I was convinced I would puke all over everyone at some point because I was so hungover...

and now.....

Those are the fish...huge! 

This happens to be my boss 

getting dirty :) 

Thats right...4 buckets of 4 different drinks

Bridge over River Kwai

It was a pretty great weekend! Then we had 3 days of work and were off to an island...I'll have to post those sometime this week :) 

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!! 

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