Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...

Hmmm spent so much time on Pinterest the last week or so with all the down time I've had! I'm heading to China today so don't be surprised if I am not around for a few days! 

Now that I am living in a part of the world that is warm almost all year long I have found myself missing a fall/winter wardrobe. I am hoping it gets a little cool so I can pull out some of the things I packed. Today's Pinterest pics are all the things I will be missing....

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Oooh yummy food! 

And some other random Pinterest things that always sneak their way in! 

I love love this: 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

And of course...a pretty face! 

OOh what an obsession Pinterest can be! You can find me here


Lauren said...

Aw sorry you won't have much of a fall wardrobe this year, I need to work on mine!

Jessica Renee said...

Fall is my favorite, I would be bummed without one too!!

Safe travels to China, have a great time!

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