Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ooh the funnies!

So while visiting with my friend Bellydancer we got to see a lot of Youtube videos because she is a big fan of random cat videos. So I wanted to share some with you! 

I'm sure you have seen the "Shit girls say" videos but there is one from Chicago that is sooo straight on and I love it! 

Now some people say it isn't completely accurate but this one is pretty spot on too...

(He was off on the fact that we say "Jewels" not "jewel") 

Incase you haven't heard this song yet, listen and it will be stuck in your head! Its hilarious and taking over the world! 

Does your city have a "shit ______ say" video??? 
Don't you just love the song?! 
Happy Tuesday!!! 

1 comment

Miranda said...

my area has no shit ____ say videos. (wisconson) but i just heard that song from my cousin recently. ohmygosh it is hilarous!!! and i swear he is saying "open condom style" haha

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