Monday, August 20, 2012

Ooh Mondays!

I just got into Bangkok at 6am this morning. I spent the weekend in Phuket lounging and whining because it just kept raining and raining and raining. I know that it is rainy season here on this side of the world and that October is actually the worst month(so it will get worse!) but don't let me get off on that one...Anyway I lounged and I went on a fantastic canoe tour of some of the islands in between storms and I made friends with Peruvian guys in my dorm room so I got to practice my Spanish! I got to see a Ping Pong show...I thought maybe I wouldn't mention this but really if you know me well I was dying to see one knowing that on some level it would slightly traumatize me...and it has. The things that people learn to do with their bodies...oye!! Ook so yea if you want to discuss what all a Ping Pong show entails feel free to message me but since my mother reads this I will not traumatize her too! 
another storm brewing
luckily found someone to ride with me! 
James Bond Island! 

Russian girls..
two of my dorm mates! 
I rode my first sleeper train back to Bangkok. The trip itself was not too bad but as I mentioned in previous posts things in Thailand do not happen easily. I took a 5 hour bus trip to Surat Thani then a 14 hour train ride to Bangkok. LONG LONG Sunday! 

I got to my hostel and got settled, took a much needed shower and decided I do not want to a damn thing today. Seems like a waste to some but I have spent the last 9 days straight traveling. I need to lay around, watch  movies and read. A text me asking if I would be online for awhile because she would like to chat and then after awhile she finally got on and she surprised me with this: 

You can't see him so well in the corner but its my bestie G! I haven't skyped with him yet and its been 2 months. We text everday but still. I admit I totally teared up(which they called) and I was so excited to chat with them both. They were sitting at a McDonald's at 11pm on a Sunday night just to chat with me. It makes me tear up a bit just typing it. I miss my best friends so much and I wish they were here!! 

So now I am in the TV room at the hostel blogging and watching movies. 

I wanted to share something with you guys...the hardest part of being abroad for me has been not being able to physically share the experience with someone. If that makes any sense. I know that I can share pictures and tell stories but I would love to have The Boy here to try all these new adventurous things I have done...or my besties to try all these fantastic party places and see things like a Ping Pong show...or my family so that we can talk about all the great sites we saw on our travels. I am enjoying the experience and I can already tell its changing my life I just get a little sad right after I do something when I can't turn to someone I love and say
"Omg we are going to remember that for the rest of our lives!" 

So that is my little blurb for today! Can't wait to read your posts about the weekend!! 


Asha said...

Oh girl, I totally understand what you mean by wishing your friends could be there to share those memories with you! I was in Asia for 2 months by myself and felt like it was such a waste not having any friends to remember those moments with me :(

p.s. - ok, so what happens in a Ping Pong show???

KG said...

We'll be physically sharing the experience soon!! At least for a few weeks :)

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