Monday, August 13, 2012


What to do what to do!! I planned to post about my weekend which was pretty fantastic but I'll save that for tomorrow....

Random fact...the cafe I'm sitting at in Thailand is playing English Christmas music right now...on a Monday in August!

Anyway back to what I was saying...i have had my head set on going to China for this really good offer I got to teach kindergarteners...more money, free housing, flight reimbursement, and a bonus but I would be done in August of next year.

Then I got an offer in a bigger Thai city up north...teaching online video classes to Korean students...less money, more free time, staying in Thailand, being in a city with more foreigners and things to do.

I just came from a meeting with the guy and now I have no clue what to do. I know the most obvious answer is to go to China but a part of me has fallen in love with Thailand and its hard to commit to living another 11 months in another country..

I know this seems like a ridiculous dilemma but I'm stressed nonetheless...any advice?? I wish it wasn't 3am in Chicago so I could talk to my mom haha

Anywho can't wait to read your Monday posts!

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