Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend recap!

I had a pretty great and relaxing weekend. I went up to Saraburi to visit my friend Bellydancer and have a little R&R before I head to China and things get crazy and busy.  

I got in Friday and we got some food and hung out, eating and drinking beers Skyping with our boyfriends. 
Saturday we slept in late and then explored her town, shopping, eating way too much and just generally relaxing. She made me dinner and we hung out and chatted the night away. 

Sunday we got up early and went to Lopburi which is famous for having a temple that is overrun with monkeys. It was fun, a little nerve wrecking but we had a kid as our guide who had a stick to shoo them away. Not that it stopped them from getting close and tugging on our skirts and one jumped on my friend. When we got inside the temple we were able to touch the monkeys through the bars which was fun since they kept trying to steal our rings and my watch the little thieves! 
The fun thing about the monkeys is that they are not controlled to one area, they roam the streets and surrounding areas and are fed all the time. But it is very clear that you have watch out for your belongings as they will snatch them right up. Even shop owners have to be very vigilant. 
So here are some pics from the weekend....

Its our thing to head to Swensons everytime we get together 

Monkeys hanging out on the Buddha 

The little guy was trying to steal my watch 

Hot Pot dinner :) 

Its so difficult to make guac! Got to find very expensive avocados and tortilla chips! 

reunited and it feels so good! 

My bestie A gave each of us one of these little creatures before we left. It was the first time I remembered mine when she had hers!

How was your weekend? 

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Miranda said...

truthfully i love looking at all the food pictures you post lol. i want to try all of it...or run away from it haha

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