Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A sad day

I thought about posting something else today but then I took a look around and realized the only people who could sympathize with my thoughts today were a very far ways away. Since none of my foreign teacher coworkers are American its not really any different kind of day for them but for me...I never forget where I was when we heard about the attacks on September 11th. I was in High school in my world studies class. An announcement was made and the tvs all over the school were turned on. We spent the better part of our morning & afternoon watching the attacks take place and being sad even without realizing what it meant for the future. We had one girl in our group whose dad was in NYC working at the time and we all remember hoping like hell that her dad was no where near the Twin Towers. Luckily after a whole day of trying to get through to call him they found out he was at the airport when it happened. 

Its a sad day in our nation's history and its imperative that we never forget, not only so that we can attempt to prevent such tragedies from taking place again but so that we can honor those who gave their lives that day both in the attack and in the attempts to rescue. 

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