Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Things on Friday!

Soooo happy its finally Friday!!!
I'm stealing this idea from Misshautemess over @ Carrie Bradshaw is full of Sh*t who stole it too. 

Here are five things on my mind this week!! 

1. Where to go for my big 4 week Holiday in January! 
     India, Philippines, Chicago(for a week or so), Laos, or northern hard to decide and not enough money to do it all! 

Source: via A. on Pinterest

2. My favorite Student...he never smiles...this is his face all the time and I love it! 

3. The Voice season 3! 
Seriously..I am loving it! I loved last season and the first 3 episodes have already made me cry! I will reserve favorite spots until the end of auditions though! 

4. Egg Tarts...of course this is a major problem since they do not fall into any diet plan that involves loosing weight!!! But they are so good and really the only sweet thing I can easily find that is not pre-packaged around here!! 

5. The weather today! 
I could not have been happier when I walked out of my building to find 73° weather! I mean really, its been sweltering hot w/100% humidity for the last 3 day break is all I needed :) 

These are some things going on for me this week! What are your five things??? 


Chloe Salerno said...

I've never heard of egg tarts. I'm curious about them, now! haha.

Have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

Hope you have a fun weekend :-)

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