Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its Ok!

Yay for having some free time to blog this week! 

Its almost Friday, actually by the time this posts it will be Friday for me and Thursday for you but its Thursday now and that is all that counts!! 

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok....

-To forget you are 13 hours ahead and keep wishing people a Happy Birthday a few hours too early
-That I have a workout plan set for September and still keep going straight home to watch Prison Break
-To have just discovered Prison Break(I'm super late I know) 
-To be amused at all the new words I am learning being the only American foreign teacher in the group
-That my students make me so exhausted but they are just so cute 
-To wonder how on earth I am going to make it 11 more months away from The Boy
-That Skype, Facetime & Google Voice have saved my sanity more than once since I left 
-To wish for fall clothes but love the warm weather
-That I have to force myself not to nap during my lunch break 
-To miss my family and friends but know that its ok! 
-To be excited to do some site seeing and walking around town this weekend! 

Overall it hasn't been a bad week so I am grateful for that!! 

What is Ok with you today? 


Milla said...

I agree. Life after Skype and Facebook is a totally different one for me! I left before even emails where well spread, now it is great! :D

Sarah Grace said...

i love prison break!! when i first discovered it was on netflix,,,i watched it non-stop for 3 weeks! :)

happy thursday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Nicholl Vincent said...

FaceTime and Skype are life savers often for me as well!

Following you now! Have a great night! Stop by and say hello! :)

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