Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So I was reading blogs today...debating if I had anything worth saying and I saw one that sparked a memory. 

Don't you love when that happens. Something so completely random and insignificant that you see or hear can bring back some memory that you haven't thought about in ages? 

So my memory....

I had to be about 19-20, went to a concert with my HS boyfriend. It was our first concert together, his first ever. We drove the whole way there singing along and the whole way back he was so excited. He left for the air force not too long after that but it was probably one of our best nights post high school. We had a ton of fun that night...

So yea...that is all. I just wanted to share that memory with you guys :) 

I seriously love concerts! 
not my pic...I didnt have time to search for all my concert pics! 

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