Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Monday...

I wish I had some great pictures from the weekend to share but I actually only left my apartment for about 2 hours the whole weekend. I had a very long week and I also was not feeling very well. It was nice to relax and get some lesson planning down. Plus I got to catch up on some HIMYM...I am sooooooo behind! So since I didn't do much worth pictures I thought I would share some pics of my students. They really are super cute and you can get to see who I spend my days playing with! 

the baby of the class

the bad boy

My sweetheart :) 
I love her hairstyles everyday 

see...she is too cute! 

they love pictures!

Saturday I took the bus alone for the first time...not scary just not in English AT ALL....

I can't believe I have been gone a little over 3 months already. Its crazy to imagine. Its going to be a very long week since we work Saturday this week and then were off next week. Its weird how that works but government makes the rules and we follow.

Anywho! I'm off to read your posts and live vicariously through your weekends :)

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