Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ooh I am so excited for Friday to come!!! 
So remember this post where I talked about things that I learned in Thailand? Well it seems the skin whitening thing is not limited to just Thailand..its an Asian thing. The proof is in the pudding right? or something smart like that...behold a gift from one of my students parents for Teachers Day: 

Yes folks, that is a complete skin whitening kit! It includes: Whitening body wash, Whitening body lotion, 2 Whitening facial skin care kits and whitening sunscreen. They do not mess around. I would be offended but I know it was genuinely meant as a gift and was in fact very expensive. They don't realize in a few months when there is no sun I will get very pale. Well as pale as my half Dominican skin will let me be. I couldnt help but laugh when I got it because I had been complaining earlier that morning that I needed to take advantage of one of the teachers pools and lay out on my break. 

Anywho! Teacher's week was great, lots of gifts that I could use were given. Including 600Y to what amounts to a Target here! Woo hooo for me! 

I had my first dinner with Chinese coteachers last night and it was great even though only one of them speaks enough English to be understood. 

I've got a week off coming for the National day here and I am trying to decide what to do! Looks like I will be heading to Hong Kong and maybe Guangzhou again! 

Hong Kong Disneyland here I come!!! 

I'm actually pretty excited about that..yes I am 27 but still!!! 

What is going on with you this week?! 

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Evani Gatsby said...

Unfortunately I can't see your photos but I'd totally be interesting in knowing how you like Hong Kong Disney! I'm a huge Disney fan. Found you via the MMI link up!


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