Friday, October 26, 2012

Its Friday!!!

Ooh how happy I am! Its Friday afternoon, I'm about to head back to teach the kiddies for another hour and then its the weekend!!! Its a random bits kind of day....

Linking up for Nail files..Since it is still sandal weather with no real end in sight I get to paint my toes pretty colors and I don't care that they are not fall colors because its HOT here. 

Sinful Colors
How fun is that name :) 

Lets talk about the show Scandal. Now...before everyone gets their panties in a twist I don't condone extramarital affairs(is that how you say that?) BUT my oh my does the tension between the President & Olivia Pope make me sigh. Its fast become a must see every week for me :) 

I miss doing Zumba back home with Snifferella! I have been dancing around my apartment to various Zumba videos on Youku(Chinese youtube) 3 times a week and its just not the same shaking my ass all alone. 

BUT I do get to be all fancy and like "yea bitches I got moves" since no one can see how ridiculous I actually look. 

This week made 4 months I have been gone! I can't believe its gone by so fast. I did have some moments where I really thought I was going to give up but that is what being homesick does to you. But I couldn't leave these cuties!! 

 He likes to give me a face and tell me he is angry all the time! 
Someone knows how to take his own picture :) 
I see her at the grocery store all the time! 

I thank all that is good for the IheartRadio app! Seriously..well and my VPN. I mean OMG could you imagine what my life would be like w/out a VPN..yikes!!! I am able to listen to my fave Nashville country station while i was dishes and clean up :) 

I like to refrain from posting my political views on my blog not because I don't want to offend but because I don't want to deal with stupid ass comments that will just get me riled up. Soooo instead I will just say this one very important thing! I faxed my absentee ballot in this week. So yea I voted from China, no excuse not to get your ass out there and do the same when its time. is not in any way an endorsement for you to send me a nasty email with your political views because I promise you that it will be laughed at. 

I really thought I had something else but, of course, I can't remember it! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 
Dress up, have some drinks and shake your bums for me!! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

OOoh yay for Thursday! As I type this its actually my Thursday night but thats ok! 

Its Ok Thursdays

Its ok....

-To be completely depressed about missing Halloween with my besties and a proper Chicago party 
-To have decided to suck it up and join the foreigners on their half ass party this Saturday
-To sometimes think about strangling this one kid in my class(this is probably not ok but I haven't done it so there...)
-To sometimes wonder if my personality is too abrasive
-To then think I could give a shit less because some people love the inappropriate shit that I say
-To wish I could see results from working out immediately and not over time
-To have a love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels...sometimes I want to strangle her too. 
-To wish the weather would get right and cool down because a girl is tired of sweating through her clothes! 
-To wish I knew where the hell to get my haircut in this country because my shit is LOOONNNGGGG!!!! 
Yes folks that bump is my hair is out of CONTROL! 
-To need a Skype session with my Snifferella because I miss her soooo much! 

What is ok with you this week?? 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friendship Week: Celebrity best friends

Hmmmm I had to think about this one really hard. I knew one for sure but the rest I had to think outside of their characters and really think about what I know about them as a person(from the internet/tabloids of course) 

I notice there is a bit of a theme with the type of people I want to be friends with.....

Kim Cattrall 

I mean seriously. Beyond my love for her in SATC I think this woman is my kinda friend. She doesn't give a crap and is still rocking it. I think she could enlighten my life were we to hang out! 

Reese Witherspoon

We all have that one sweet friend and I think she would be it. Not to mention The Boy has a crush on her and I kinda do too! She is gorgeous and there is just something awesome and down to earth about her! 


Please don't judge me for this one but I love that little meatball. She might be a giant/pint sized ditz but that girl has made herself lots of money being just that..herself. I think a few nights out partying with her would be a good time! 

Lisa Lampanelli

I don't know if you can call her a celebrity as some of you may not know her. She is effing hilarious! No seriously so inappropriate and that is exactly how I like my friends. If I could just hang out with her once in a while I would die happy!! 

That is all I can think of for now, I'm sure once I post this I will think of like 5 more! 

Who would you want to be best friends with??? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Recap...

So I know I am a day late but yesterday I got home from work and slept. Woke for an hour made a post on my phone(where most of my pictures were anyway) and then realized I can't use Blogger on my phone because its banned in China. Yay me. NOT. 

So here I go a day late trying to make a post! 

It was a good weekend! Friday evening me & SouthAfrican got lost trying to take a new bus to the grocery store. After getting to the end of the line in a not so friendly part of China we realized we were mistaken, walked back about 20 mins and waited for a cab. Turns out we were on the complete opposite end of town. Saturday GCgirl and I went spent the day shopping, had a Starbucks break and then some more shopping and Sushi. It was just like being at home..except everyone around us spoke Chinese and the only store with pants that fit was H&M haha! We met up with a bunch more foreign teachers at the bar and even though I knew I had to be up early for a sunday field trip with my students & parents I got home at 4am drunk. Smarty pants that I am. Sunday was actually quite nice despite my roaring hangover. The park we visited was quite beautiful and the weather allowed me to wear jeans w/out dying from heat stroke. 

Sooo now that I am done typing away you can look at the pictures!!! 

Mango Passionfruit Tea! 

delicious sashimi! 
Girls day out :) 

two Canadians & one American :) 
around 3am :) 

OOoh my god yes a Strongbow!! 

entrance to the park! 

some of my cuties doing 5 little monkeys with me 

They had a little kiddie river the kids could fish in 


My chinese co-teachers! 

Have to stop and smell the roses!  

Great part of having Chinese people with you is they always want to take your picture everywhere! 

They know how to pack a lunch! 

One last one :) 

That was my weekend! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Rambles...

I have all kinds of things in my head today so here we go: 

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Before I left I knew it would be hard but its harder than I thought. I am already fighting homesickness but not seeing your boyfriend for 4 months and having to have conversations that should be had in person by Skype or text sucks. Not to mention the conversation where you finally realize you may not see each other until July of next year. We both thought we would see each other in between sometime but its just financially feasible for me and most likely not for him. Its hard to decide if I want to use my month long holiday in January and only get to go home(because its that expensive) or stay in SE Asia and travel to 3-4 countries for less than I would pay for a flight home. I  miss him but this is not an opportunity that rises everyday. Then there is the fact that I was supposed to be home in March....until I took the job in China which keeps me here till July. one was happy when I dropped that bomb. Anyway...the point was that it is hard. Much much harder to deal with then I thought it would be.  

Fall TV is killing it this year! I am seriously loving all the shows. Its a good thing there is nothing to do with my evenings because I have way too many shows to keep up with. I can't believe I just typed that. Eeeek! 
My faves: Greys! Of course
Vampire Diaries
Once Upon a Time
The Voice-OMG this seasons battles are seriously amazing!! 
Hart of Dixie
New Girl
I am sure there is more...I'm trying not to look crazy. 
Thank goodness for HULU & online streaming! 

My Chinese co-teacher seems to think I don't dress nice enough: 
Her: You dont like shopping? 
Me: Yes, I do why? 
Her: Well you wear the same clothes every week
Me: Well...I couldn't pack alot of clothes and I packed for a different place
Her: Yea but you can buy more 
Me: They don't sell pants my size here
Her: Oh yea thats true. Well maybe you can get smaller or just have your family send you clothes, they don't make them here for girls like you. 
Ouch. Thank you for making my already bad body image issues in this country even worse. I've been working on losing weight but being an country where 1 in every 50-75 people is over a size 2 can start to wear on you. I just want to buy some pants that aren't sweatpants!!! 

For the last few weeks i've had this cough. It doesn't hurt and I feel fine but it won't go away. Turns out I am having trouble with the pollution. Yay me!!! 

The foreign teachers are going to be doing a play for the schools 10th anniversary. Guess who is the mirror? That's right. I get to tell that Queen she isn't the fairest of them all! 

We started having kids take books home this week. They are all in Chinese but I found this one...can you guess what its about?? 
OOh and yes I do teach Kindergarten age kids. 

I have been doing so good with the workout schedule, I am so excited for myself. I am sore all over for the first time in a long time  but I am loving it because I know it means i'm working my ass off...literally! 

There is some childish HS type girl drama going on here. When I first got here we met a girl that used to work at my school and she had bad bad things to say about everyone. Well I met the other people and they are all pretty nice. A bit different in their own way but not bad to me so I don't care. Well...lets just say its nothing but drama having to decide who to be friends with without risking ending up friendless for the next year because I might piss off a person with a big ass mouth. 

I am thinking of changing my blog name. I like the one I have but sometimes I think I might want to change it up around here. January will make 2 years I have been blogging and I think some changes are in order :) 

I am loving Skyping with my family in their mornings my evenings. I get to talk to my nephew,sister & parents and watch everyone get ready for work and have breakfast together. It makes me so happy that my nephew gets excited to talk to me and doesn't want anyone to move the ipad so he can't see me! 

Yikes! I am not sure how this ended up being 10 things. 
Since this post was so pictureless I leave you with this: 

Thanks for sticking around! I guess I had a lot to say today! hope you all have a fantastic weekend :) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

What I want to know is how you people in Southern states deal with fall in non-fall weather??!! I used to laugh at my step-mother in FL when I went to visit in November and she was wearing boots and things that I should be wearing in Chicago and it was still HOT out. But I get it, I mean its October and I am dying to put on a sweater and leggings and rock some cute ass boots...BUT its hot. and not a little hot. VERY HOT. Yesterday was 89° and still 100% humidity. I need it to go away now so I can wear something and not sweat through it. Please and thank you. 

They say it will get cooler soon...I am hoping they mean actual cool not like 80°

So in my desperate attempt to bring Fall weather and all its goodness to Southern China I am linking up for Oh, How Pinteresting and making it fall themed. All the things I miss this year! 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies!!! 

The yearly visit and family photo at Pumpkin Patch 

Starbucks Peppermint Soy hot chocolate
(this actually looks nothing like it but its a cup and I want it) 
Source: via Sabrina on Pinterest

Super inappropriately small Halloween costumes & ideas 

Scarves, scarves & more Scarves! 
Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

of course...the clothes!!! 

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

And this beautiful city in the fall! Nothing like it! 
(that's Chicago, incase you are new around here) 

What are you loving or missing this fall??? 

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