Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Rambles...

I have all kinds of things in my head today so here we go: 

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Before I left I knew it would be hard but its harder than I thought. I am already fighting homesickness but not seeing your boyfriend for 4 months and having to have conversations that should be had in person by Skype or text sucks. Not to mention the conversation where you finally realize you may not see each other until July of next year. We both thought we would see each other in between sometime but its just financially feasible for me and most likely not for him. Its hard to decide if I want to use my month long holiday in January and only get to go home(because its that expensive) or stay in SE Asia and travel to 3-4 countries for less than I would pay for a flight home. I  miss him but this is not an opportunity that rises everyday. Then there is the fact that I was supposed to be home in March....until I took the job in China which keeps me here till July. one was happy when I dropped that bomb. Anyway...the point was that it is hard. Much much harder to deal with then I thought it would be.  

Fall TV is killing it this year! I am seriously loving all the shows. Its a good thing there is nothing to do with my evenings because I have way too many shows to keep up with. I can't believe I just typed that. Eeeek! 
My faves: Greys! Of course
Vampire Diaries
Once Upon a Time
The Voice-OMG this seasons battles are seriously amazing!! 
Hart of Dixie
New Girl
I am sure there is more...I'm trying not to look crazy. 
Thank goodness for HULU & online streaming! 

My Chinese co-teacher seems to think I don't dress nice enough: 
Her: You dont like shopping? 
Me: Yes, I do why? 
Her: Well you wear the same clothes every week
Me: Well...I couldn't pack alot of clothes and I packed for a different place
Her: Yea but you can buy more 
Me: They don't sell pants my size here
Her: Oh yea thats true. Well maybe you can get smaller or just have your family send you clothes, they don't make them here for girls like you. 
Ouch. Thank you for making my already bad body image issues in this country even worse. I've been working on losing weight but being an country where 1 in every 50-75 people is over a size 2 can start to wear on you. I just want to buy some pants that aren't sweatpants!!! 

For the last few weeks i've had this cough. It doesn't hurt and I feel fine but it won't go away. Turns out I am having trouble with the pollution. Yay me!!! 

The foreign teachers are going to be doing a play for the schools 10th anniversary. Guess who is the mirror? That's right. I get to tell that Queen she isn't the fairest of them all! 

We started having kids take books home this week. They are all in Chinese but I found this one...can you guess what its about?? 
OOh and yes I do teach Kindergarten age kids. 

I have been doing so good with the workout schedule, I am so excited for myself. I am sore all over for the first time in a long time  but I am loving it because I know it means i'm working my ass off...literally! 

There is some childish HS type girl drama going on here. When I first got here we met a girl that used to work at my school and she had bad bad things to say about everyone. Well I met the other people and they are all pretty nice. A bit different in their own way but not bad to me so I don't care. Well...lets just say its nothing but drama having to decide who to be friends with without risking ending up friendless for the next year because I might piss off a person with a big ass mouth. 

I am thinking of changing my blog name. I like the one I have but sometimes I think I might want to change it up around here. January will make 2 years I have been blogging and I think some changes are in order :) 

I am loving Skyping with my family in their mornings my evenings. I get to talk to my nephew,sister & parents and watch everyone get ready for work and have breakfast together. It makes me so happy that my nephew gets excited to talk to me and doesn't want anyone to move the ipad so he can't see me! 

Yikes! I am not sure how this ended up being 10 things. 
Since this post was so pictureless I leave you with this: 

Thanks for sticking around! I guess I had a lot to say today! hope you all have a fantastic weekend :) 


Lauren said...

Love New Girl and of course that last pic of Ian..:-D Have a great weekend!

Samantha said...

Wow. I couldn't imagine maintaining a long distance relationship, more power to ya! But, you're right, you may NEVER get this opportunity again!

EWW to that Chinese co-teacher! Manners are so different all over the world, but it seems like that would be OBVIOUSLY rude!

Holy Children's Book!!!! <- That is all I can say about that!

You're "Amazing Times" are here, so I don't think it would be a bad thing to change it up. I think about changing mine often, but I'll probably wait until there's another bambino in the picture.

Have a great weekend! xo

Samantha said...


Miranda said...

Love Dexter and HIMYM! Excited to see what new name you come up with!!!

Miranda said...

so yah...i already commented but had to tell you that i mentioned you on the little old blog today :)

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