Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guangzhou Safari Park Zoo

I promised I would post pics from my trips over the holiday week. The SouthAfrican girl and I decided to go to Guangzhou for the day and were decided on visiting the zoo. I don't usually enjoy going to the zoo back home because I always feel so bad for the animals but I was wondering what an experience it might be in China. 

Let me tell you something I learned while there. NEVER ever go during the holiday because it is ridiculously crowded, unbearable. The kind of manners you are used to back home are non-existant here so imagine a very big crowd with everyone doing their best to get to the front of the line or in front row, pushing, shoving, running and not caring if you are in line. It was very frustrating but we did our best not to get irritated. 

So here ya go! 

only a small portion of the crowd 
the panda was scratching its bum on the wall 

just chilling out! 


he was sooo close! 
picture moment! 
 So that was our trip. We didn't see anything surprising which I was hoping for but we did have a good day of it. 


Lauren said...

How cool love all the animals :-)

Samantha said...

Great pics! But, UGH to the crowds with no manners! lol. Glad you had a good time! Loove the panda!

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