Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey there! I know I was kinda missing last week but I was on holiday and even though I had a few days at home where I did nothing I did just that...and couldn't bring myself to blog. Besides I would have just been able to show you my couch and laptop. However I did manage to leave my apartment for a bit to travel to the next big town Guangzhou and go to the Safari Park(aka Zoo) with one of the other foreign teachers and then I headed to Hong Kong for three days. It was definitely a great week off and even though I wish I had been able to travel further I was also so grateful for the days off! 

I have so many pictures to share with you guys but I think I want to break them up into a couple different posts by location. So for today I will share some random pics from the past week or so: 
what happens when you feed kids dragonfruit! haha 

early morning skype with the family 
 I got a chance to Skype with my family late night for me early morning for them. It was seriously so amazing they just walked around with the ipad and put it in the kitchen while they got ready and had breakfast. I won't lie I cried like a baby afterwards I miss my familly so much and seeing them doing normal things and how much my nephew is doing after only 3 months away is hard. 
almost died when I saw the sign 

Cheering my parents on for the Chicago marathon
Another thing I was kind of having a hard time with. I know from previous posts you guys have seen how much I love supporting my family in their runs and doing them together. For the last 3 years I've gotten up at 5:30/6am so I can head downtown and show my support when my parents run the Chicago Marathon. I had to make a plan for the family so they could make it around the city without me. I was happy to do it but so sad because I wish I could have been there. 

Yikes...It sounds like I am whining today but really just being honest. I get an amazing experience living abroad but not without sacrifice. 

Ooh and a little update on the 90 day challenge front. It is VERY hard to keep a good meal plan when you are visiting a place that has some of your fave western foods. I tried my best to stay on track and I walked A TON so I hoping I made up for the slip ups I had. Its definitely much easier being back at my apartment where I can cook my meals and its very hard to find western food close enough. I couldnt have been more excited to find some goodies at the International market in HK. I know they weren't all good for me but I believe in moderation and not denying myself everything. 

Thanks for bearing with me today! I promise to get some pics up from my holiday week! Can't wait to see all your Monday posts! 


Lauren said...

Outback sangria is my FAV! :-)

Cherie said...

You're really brave for living abroad! I can't imagine being that far away from the life I've always known.. but I bet it's an amazing experience! It's good you get to Skype (technology these days is amazing, isn't it?). And that sangria looks like it was amazing! :)

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