Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You've got mail...

Ummm I do? Yes!!!!! {insert little happy dance} No seriously. Who doesn't love getting mail? Last month I got a package from home containing all the necessities...hair products, lotions, sunscreen(without whitener), hair dye, girly products. I was a happy camper indeed! I begged Mrs.M to send me some much needed things before they ran out and she came through in a big way! 20 pound box for me!! 

Bestie A and I...i really need to give her a new name. I have thrown around snifferella and she knows why. I think I  like that. Ok from here on out on this blog she will be called Snifferella. --See the bold & Italics? means business in this place! alright alright...onto serious stuff...not really but still. I got a package today! I knew it was coming because, well, I had made some special requests. For example...candy corn. I only get this sugary goodness once a year and have recently learned that is very much a North American treat. The other foreign teachers have no clue what it is! I asked for some brown rice because seriously though all this rice in this place is going to make me a chunky butt mess. I told her some nail polish would be fantastic because the polishes this side of the world smell like turpentine and are crap! (this was before I moved to China and was given the no nail polish on your finger nails rule) Booooo! 

Soooooooo Snifferella being the awesome best friend that she is sent me a care package: 

1. 5 bags of Brachs Candy Corn
2.  4 Boxes of Rainsettes
3. 4 Boxes of Sour Patch Kids
4. 2 Boxes of Brown rice!! 
5. A Justin Beiber Shirt
6. Lots of nail polish 
7. Hand Sanitizer
8. An awesome note that made me smile and wish I could give her a huge hug!! 

BTW I should put it out there that I do not like Justin Beiber but she loves me so she had to do it! 


Monica said...

Wow!Your Best Friend did Awesome! I just sent my Niece a package for the same reason! It's always a good feeling to get a package in the mail and know someone is thinking of you!BTW if you can't get on my blog its because I changed my name, It is now mrsinappropriate.blogspot.com

Lauren said...

How awesome those nail polishes are gorgeous :-)

Asha said...

Wow you have an amazing friend!! 5 bags of candy corn?! You must be in heaven haha!

p.s. - I can't believe you are not allowed to wear nail polish. That is just mean! :(

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