Monday, November 5, 2012

Its Monday!!

Ooh I am so tired! I don't know why the weekends go so quickly and the rest of the week drags on. Actually the week did go pretty quickly for me so I don't know what I am whining about.

This weekend was a good one, although taking 3 days off working out took a toll. When I did my Zumba I thought I might die! 

Friday night a few of the other teachers and I headed to the new bar that opened up and had a ridiculous night. It was just one of those nights that were supposed to be a few drinks and turned into getting home at 4am. Actually that has happened the last two Fridays at this bar...I think there is something in the drinks there.

Saturday I spent laying around my apartment pretending I wasn't hungover but really just wanting to curl into fetal position. Last Saturday was spent at a little Halloween party. Since I didn't blog last week except Friday I have plenty pictures to share.

Here ya go!

Alvin from the Chipmunks :) 

prepping for Halloween :) 


Halloween party with the kiddies 

care package from my parents...right in time! All my fave latin food products! 

Yes I do work with these guys 

Almost died when I saw this picture 

trick or treating with the kids 

a pretty princess! 


Soo many more but that is good for now! Can't wait to catch up on everyones posts!!! 


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Super cute photos! Love your costume!!


Lauren said...

Love all the pics!! :-)

Monica said...

Now that sounds like my kind of BAR! Love the pictures chica! Your costume was awesome!

Asha said...

Alvin!! HAHA!! You and your friends are hilarious, and I'm sure it helps make the time away from home a lot more enjoyable :)

Love these pics and the kids you teach are seriously too precious!

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