Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its Ok!

Its finally Thursday(night for me, morning for you) I made through most of the week in one beaten down piece but still its almost Friday! 

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok...

-To be sick of the bashing being done from the election. Enough is enough people, its done. Pray for the best and quit complaining already. (this goes for the gloating too, hush up already) 
- To be frustrated that I have been sick more times in the last 4 months since I left the US than in the past year. 
-To have 4 medications for bronchitis, muscle patches and a wrapped foot to show for myself. 
-That I plan to do absolutely nothing this weekend 
-To always complain about going to Chinese class but love learning new phrases! 
-That I love when I have time to read all my favorite blogs
-To keep having crazy dreams because I am reading Columbine before bed every night
-To opt to watch the Jungle Book on a Thursday night instead of catching up on shows 
-To miss my best friends Snifferella & G. Seriously I want to give them huge hugs right now. 
-To be soooo excited that I can finally start booking things for my Jan/Feb Holiday month! 
-To want a new tattoo desperately
-To be stumped on what kind of new look I want for my blog

And I think thats enough..I could go on and on! 


Monica said...

girl I'm with you on the election!People need to shut the F**K Up already about it! It is what it is lets all move on!!! Hope you feel better soon and have a good weekend!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with you on the election sistah friend!!! ..and oh how I dream of having nothing to do for an entire weekend! Enjoy =)

Miranda said...

i'm so desperate for a new tattoo! I have an idea for a small one and a bigger one but I am so indecisive!

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