Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Monday

Well it's Monday quickly.
Remember how I said I wasn't going to do a damn thing this weekend? Well that was almost true. Even though I had a bum foot and awful cough I still managed to get talked into going to the bar on Friday night. I'd like to say they did a good job convincing me but I really just needed a drink. Unfortunately all the smoking in the bars here made my cough way worse and I regretted it along with the hangover the next day. Then I proceeded to lay about my apartment with my foot up for most of Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night I met up with a director from another school to talk about maybe working some part time tutoring in the side. Score for a free dinner!

So that brings us to Monday. I went back to the hospital today to discuss how the 4 medications I was given have had no effect and how it quite possibly is the pollution that is causing all these problems and not because I don't drink enough Chinese tea. I was given 4 more medications, told to avoid fried foods, drink more water and not to exercise outside. Yep. 4 more medications. Got to love Chinese hospitals.

So yea...that is my story. Here are some photos to back it all up.

With the teachers at the bar :)

Dr.pepper shot...tastes like it. Also what put me into the sick bin!

First set of medications

My poor foot

Dyed my hair back to black! Which apparently my co-teacher does not like it. Know how I know? She told me so today. Said Oh you dyed your hair? I don't like it. Have to love the Chinese. 

My 2nd set of medications :(

Excuse the mess, my VPN on my laptop is not cooperating so I have to use my iPad!
How was your weekend???

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Meghan said...

I hope you feel better! The 4 medications makes me giggle:) I love how other cultures interpret things differently!

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