Friday, November 30, 2012

My Christmas list!

Well its about that time! I just had a skype conversation with my mom about Christmas and i've been doing some online this week(my bank account is begging me to quit) so I thought I would make up my very own Christmas list. If you are feeling generous feel free to ask for my address in China! 

Side note: Some of these are completely ridiculous but one can wish! 

I'll be home for Christmas...lalala...
a flight home would be #1 just for Xmas eve & the Xmas day! 

Samsung Galaxy SIII
I am so frustrated with my iphone not working here since its locked to an American carrier. I might just have to get a new phone in protest! 

Boots, boots, boots! 

A watch! 
I never really wore watches but since I got the one for my bday I have been coveting lots of them!! 

Smell good stuff!!! I didn't bring any with me to China and I am desperate for my lotions & bodywashes! 

A camera!
I actually bought myself one before I left but now I realize I need a much better quality of camera to catch good photos of the places I venturing into! 

Some Chicago art! 

new tattoo! 

Etsy gift card! 
Sooo much stuff seriously, I'm obsessed!! 

Concert tickets!! 
OF course the summer I leave every single one of my favorite country artists played in Chicago. Son of a monkeys ass! So I have already looked into who is playing next year and you know what I am determined to make it to a few even if I have to travel!

Is it possible to ask Santa for slimmer hips so I can wear some cute stuff in China??!!? 

If not...then please let him know I would like one of these with a strategically placed bow delivered by express mail! 

What's on your Christmas list this year?? 


Lauren said...

Boots are on my list too :-)

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said...

Love those boots and that watch!


Merry Christmas, friend!

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