Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I had a little bit of time this weekend to catch up on Pinterest! Gotta love it! 

Looks so delicious!! 

Making a list of places to visit in the US! 


Can't lie...some of my students make me think this! 

And of course...a Pretty Face! 

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

I mean lets be serious...he is still so sexy!!! 

What have you been Pinning??? 


Yesi said...

I would prefer Mark Wahlberg now then back then to be honest! So much more experienced and older! Yummy!!!

........... Dayum he is sexy!

(; Happy Humpday for sure now!!

xoxo Yesi <3

Lindsey said...

Totally agree with that E-card. My uterus ties its self into a knot if I'm around too many obnoxious kids ir I see a pic of the octomom.

Monica said...

He is SEXY as HELL!!!

Sarah Grace said...

i love these pins!

stopping by from the link up!

happy wednesday, xoxo sarah grace

jessica renee said...

Oooh marky mark!

my own kid makes me want to OD on birth control. hahaha

Lauren said...

That sangria looks so good!

Miranda said...

damn Mark Wahlberg! and i LOVEE Johnny Depp!!!

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