Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

Somehow I have actually had time to be on Pinterest this week, I think its mostly because my VPN only works on my Ipad which is easy to play on while I watch Sons of Anarchy on my laptop. Busy nights right? I do have something serious I want to post about but I am working through typing it out, one of those I keep starting and can't finish type things. 

so for now.....

What I would give for a piece of bread that isn't sweet so I can make one of these! 

I need these. I really do. 

and all of this...

I've been trying to remember this! 

I love love this idea...though its hard to find a decent place to get a tattoo sometimes! 

Sounds delicious!! 

...just for a smile! 

and I can't forget a pretty face...or two! 

apparently he plays Rugby(I need to start watching ASAP!) 



Lauren said...

Great pins :-)

Miranda said...

that sandwich looks amazing! i have so many ideas for tattoos but i'm really picky about the spot! i want one on my arm but my husband says no :P

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