Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote...do it!

Its that time again. Election day. Now I do my best to keep my strong opinions about politics away from this blog to save myself arguments and offending anyone because I don't generally enjoy hurting anyone's feelings just for fun.sometimes BUT I do think its important for everyone to be in the know. Do your research, figure out what is important to you and find out where both candidates stand on it. Don't take mine or any random persons word for it. Every single one of us has something different we find important so it can't be as simple as so & so said this person is better or this person is the same religion, the same gender, the same race, the same whatever it might be. Yes I have actually had the race conversation more times than I can count and it makes me so sad.  

Does Religion matter? For some yes it really does. For me not as much because I am not a religious person. another post for another day I suppose. I believe in good moral behavior and that we need to recognize that not everyone in the country is the same religion. Our country is a mess, not just the politicians, the country itself. If the conversations I have been a part of, the social media crap I've read, the single-minded comments and posts are anything to go by we all need a shake up and to be taught how to act like educated adults. 

So if I can go through the pain in the ass process that is voting from C.hina you can make some time in your day and vote. I have been on the fence for awhile trying to decide what is the lesser of two evils for quite some time. I took the time to sit down and decide what is important to me, what I think can genuinely benefit the rest of the country and not one particular group of any kind and now feel strong in the belief that I voted for the right candidate. All I can do is hope the majority felt the same way. 

Either way. Don't just vote because someone told you to, don't vote for anyone in particular because so & so is doing so. Know what your voting for. 

Be thankful that we live in a country where you can talk shit about a president all over any social media site you please, you can argue in public with someone about politicians and you can vote without being shot at, threatened(egh that depends what state you are in) . Exercise those rights people!! 

See you all on the other side!!! 


Jessica Renee said...

So excited about today! And that's so awesome that you voted all the way from China!!

Monica said...

Great post chica! I agree 100%!!

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