Monday, December 10, 2012

Oye the weekend is over

Thats a wrap folks....egh I am so unhappy that the weekend is over but I am glad that we finally got this Snow White thing done with. I was not a fan of working last Sunday and this past Saturday.  Since I picked up the part-time teaching job as well to get some extra cash I have learned to appreciate my lazy couch time. I have class Friday evening and then Saturday evening. Its only 2 hours each but still imagine spending all day Saturday knowing you have to work for 2 hours at night. haha ruins the mood I tell you! 

So yes we finally had the school's 10 year anniversary celebration and I definitely learned the Chinese way of getting things done is not at all efficient in any way AT ALL. No seriously, at one point we(the foreign teachers) decided that it might be possible that because Chinese people are so smart bookwise they used up all the brain space and therefore can not use any common sense. Seems harsh but I promise if you witnessed some of the ridiculous you would understand. I might need to do a post on just that sometime very soon. 

I have some pictures, and you should love me for this because I had to email said photos to myself so from my laptop so that I could save them on my ipad to be able to upload them to blogger. Damn VPN is still not working on my laptop. They are killing me...seriously killing me! 

So ya go! 

The dwarves waiting around 
Unfortunately they like to put makeup on the boys here...

all done up...I had so much damn makeup on!
The hunter...were not sure why they made him look like Fred Flinstone either
One of those amazing moments you catch on camera and die when you see it :) 
The girls!! 
Evil Queen...who is actually a man 
Our crew 
One of my fave parts of the whole show...these girls were so cute and just great! 
Check it out! 7 year olds! 
And these little ones were just seriously so cute! 
-turns out our South African & one of the English boys have never played beer pong before so we decided to celebrate the end of the show that way :)

I lost each game...badly. It was quite sad to be honest. I need practice! 
First timers 
Showing us how much he appreciates his tub 
a little bit drunk...just a little  lot 

How was your weekend??? 


Lauren said...

What an awesome weekend love the costumes :-)

Erin O'Riordan said...

There's nothing unfortunate about makeup on boys - that's just show biz, baby. :)

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