Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hello Everyone! Its been a while huh? Well I am still having issues with my VPN. It is working when it damn pleases. As such I had to make this post over two days. One day to figure out how to get the pictures on it and another to finish because I was so irritated yesterday! 

Its madness around here because we are preparing for the schools 10th anniversary celebration. The foreign teachers are putting on a very short, chinese written Snow White play. Yep, and I am the mirror. So very exciting...not so much. We've been running around like crazy having random last minute practices, and also prepping for this past weekends fair at the school. 

It definitely helps things go quickly and I still can't believe its already December! I got most of my Xmas shopping done so that makes me feel better. Now some pictures...I have to get going to practice again.

Saturday afternoon I was invited to lunch on a student's family farm. I was actually really worried about what would be served for lunch because the Chinese like to surprise you like that. It turned out to be sheep. I would like to say it was good but it was varies bits of the sheep that I prefer not to think about. We walked around the orchard for a bit too. 

definitely not prepared for the walk or the weather 
Why couldn't we just eat Chicken??? 
Sunday we all had to be up early to go to the school and set up for the fair. One of our parents made cupcakes and cookies so I worked that booth. Ooh how I wish Chinese cupcakes tasted as good as the ones back home! 

One of the cookies the parent made, has the schools logo on! 

Shopping on Sunday afternoon we came across this poor kid. He has about 10 layers on. This is not uncommon my students all look like snowmen to deal with the 50° weather haha! 

We started decorating our classrooms this week! I saw this idea online a few weeks ago and then I can't remember which blogger had done it to her fridge as well. I will save my apartment decor for another day.

That is all I have for now folks! I can still read all your blogs but until this VPN thing is worked out I will continue to be kind of touch & go so forgive me! 


Annabelle said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad things are great for you!

Lauren said...

How fun, looks like you have been having a great time :-)

Tami Marie said...

There is a little boy in school who's parents are from China and he continuously brings in 'food stuff' to share with me. I am unable to identify the food so I politely decline. He gobbles it all up and seems to love it. But, I would rather not take my chances. LOL

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